The Shamballa Letters

Volume 11                                                                                                                 1989


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Volume 11 - 52 Letters written by the MAHA CHOHAN PAUL

Gift Letters - Beloved HOLY AEOLUS


 1. Be Comforting Presence - see Chohans in his aura.


 2. (Continues with subj. of 1st letter)


 3. Help w/Elemental Life.


 4. Maha Chohan working more directly with the chelas.


 5. Work with Children.


 6. Gift of Forgiveness - use Violet Fire.


 7. Thoughtform & Theme - use it!


 8. Continues about T & T.


 9. Three-Fold Flame -Light within - see it reach out & combine with the light of other chelas.

10. Method of overcoming obstacles.


11.   Easter - Resurrection Flame - Christ Consciousness


12. The Temple of Holy Spirit - be grateful for It.


13. Retreats & of Chohans absorbing Peace & Comfort to radiate into their specific Qualities. Enter Peace into your Divine Plan!


14. Calls us his Friends! Encouragement to go on & have patience.


15. Use VF to clear space for Perfection to manifest.


16. Revere past, but don't go back! VF to clear the past.


17. Elemental life - one with man - work with it.

18. On overcoming fear (as Jesus did) with use of VF.
19. On visualization - power of - & energy to remember.
20. Retreats - different memories of the same Retreats by various chelas.
21. Being within (the womb) of his Love.
22. 'I AM' LIGHT!
23. Sing Songs of Praise!
24. Echoes - encourage yourselves.
25. Keynotes - is a signature - a chord.
26. More on Keynotes - practice hearing (inner)
27. On "inner vision".
28. On working from inner to outer; Working with Principle.
29. Truth is simple.
30. Love begets Love. Opens to all other Virtues, especially confidence.
31. Confidence - further understanding regarding it.
32. Transcending Fear (see ltr #18) - cause & core.

33. Balance between 'personal work & planetary work. Importance of protective forcefield for self & others.

34. Healing - do not infringe on another's consciousness & rob him of the opportunity to heal himself.
35. Clearing astral realm with VF.
36. VF is Blue & Pink combined. A thoughtform.
37. He casts all fear & judgment from us. "Perfect Love".
38. Bridge-Brotherhood-all effort from Heart of Love is acceptable to Masters; unity of chelas with Masters.
39. Seek principle to solve your own problems instead of advice from others - even from the Masters.
40. Describes Law of Circle as 'forward into Light' rather than back into perfection".
41. Purify area for child to be born. WELCOME ALL LIFE. Love & protect all new life.
43. On Elemental body.
44. Paul's gratitude for our work w/ elementals & expansion of love to all life.
45. On 'Group work' He gives a purifying method for the personal self, to facilitate the group work.
46. Advises time for self renewal as we are doing group work.
47. Accepting cultural differences & using as cohesive power.
48. Individuality versus exclusiveness.
49. On happiness & thankfulness at opportunity of embodiment on Earth.
50. On preparation of physical vehicles of child & protection of mother & child at inner vision level.
51. On 'Enfolding Spirit' - some information.
52. Closing letter of Gratitude & Love.

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