Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin


Volume 6, No. 25                                                                                        Sept. 22, 1957


Beloved Children: 

All unascended beings must come to the place upon life's pathway where they become the master control of the energy of their lifestreams, sending it forth into the universe in a harmonious manner. This is the reason for which people took incarnation and there will be no happiness, no contentment, and no bliss until each lifestream becomes the controlling power of the energy which is his life essence. 

If you will make your call to the Ascended Masters, to the Angelic Host and the Powers of Light, they will anchor their energy into your inner bodies and they will help you by radiating through you their feelings which will gradually transform and transmute the momentum of energy that you have gathered and qualified imperfectly. 

There are very few unascended beings in the Western Hemisphere who have mastered the energy of their lifestreams at this time. Most people are endeavoring, according to their particular capabilities, to come to a point of harmonious expression. In the course of one's experience a person contacts not only his own discordant energy but also that of the life around him. However, there is no point in becoming discouraged by the presence of inharmony when all conscious students know that it is their duty and responsibility, each one, to try to harmonize as much as possible the thoughts and feelings of his or her own lifestream and to give whatever they can of silent radiation to those in their vicinity. 

The Ascended Masters and Perfected Beings are willing to ensoul and canopy any lifestream who sincerely desires harmonious expression. They will clothe them in the fullness of their Love and Light which will disconnect such an one from any unpleasant vibrations that may be directed toward them and will also melt away the cores of in-harmony that are liable to manifest as unhappiness and distress. 

There is one established law for unascended beings - all must remain on the path of experience, struggling with the results of cause and effect, until such time as the keynote of balance, love, light, harmony, tolerance and understanding flow through the radiation of the energy which each of us, ascended and unascended alike, have drawn direct from God the Father, and for which each must render a personal and separate accounting. 

Every opportunity that you have to tune into the Masters, their words, their pictures or their songs, you gave us an opportunity to pour down the necessary spiritual food to sustain you and those in your locality. This is a more important service than the outer mind can conceive, because our ability to help depends upon the self-conscious invitation that comes from you and since the human veil has been lifted to a great extent through this intercommunication between our octave and yours, we have been given a wider invitation than at any time since the sinking of Atlantis. However, because the human mind and heart have not learned perseverance and tenacity, it means that more effort must be made by those of you who are aware and have faith in our Presence to release the energy that the Cosmic Law requires before mankind is awakened in its entirety. One call to the Ascended Host for humanity will not only increase your own soul-light a thousand fold, but will give us an opportunity to render the service for which we have forsworn Nirvana.

Love and Blessings,








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