Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin


Volume 6, No. 26                                                                                                            Sept. 29, 1957


Beloved Children of the God of Love,

It is both my privilege and pleasure to give you for the strengthening of your Faith the Beloved Lord Michael's address given on the evening of the Transmission Flame, held at his Retreat at Banff (Canada) on the 21st of this current month.

Love and Blessings,



Beloved Michael, The Archangel

Transmission, Ashram, Sept. 21st, 1957 

Hail, blessed and beloved guardian spirits, who, like me, have forsworn far greater freedom on other planets and in other systems to serve in this beautiful process of redemption. I greet you as partners tonight. We did not know, neither you nor I, what a long process this redemption would be but for love's sweet sake, no matter how long it will take, until every last soul is redeemed, every elemental purified, every Angel returned to the freedom of the God-estate and all life everywhere returned to the Kingdom of Heaven, we shall serve! That is the gift of our love to this planet Earth and its evolutions. It is the gift of our love to the God that created us and who has sustained the life within our hearts throughout eons of time... It is the gift of love which keeps us faithful to the vow of redemption even while members belonging to the human race and some misguided guardian spirits, through the destructive use of free will, continue to create astral and psychic effluvia, which only the great Benefaction of the forces of the Elements and the Beings on the Ray of Purification help to dissolve to a point where mankind may not be suffocated physically by the very reason of that effluvia returning into their lungs and poisoning their systems. 

Beloved ones, I have been called the "warrior Saint" and in some respects you might call that true, because of my intense and relentless determination to set life FREE! Please, in the Name of God, use sound reason and do not think for a moment that a God of Love would EJECT any part of life from the Kingdom of Heaven or the Garden of Eden, or would direct any of his God messengers to EJECT from Heaven's harmony any lifestream. That erroneous concept must be wiped from the minds of the people. I did not EJECT those who were disobedient!

Every lifestream that descended below the vibratory action of sustained harmony was a self-ejected consciousness and my service in this universe as a shepherd would be foolish indeed if I were to go roaming around the universe EJECTING lifestreams instead of drawing them HOME, because - until they come home, I cannot go home myself. Now let us be sensible. Even a human shepherd, if he finds a green pasture and still water, does not EJECT his sheep onto the rocky hillside, he keeps them in that pasture; he goes out on the hillside for the straying lamb or for the one in distress and brings them in. That is the activity and the service of the Heavenly Host - to bring mankind, Angelic and Elemental life BACK into their God-estate! 

So please disabuse your minds, as well as those of the mankind of Earth whom you can reach, of the idea that I am going around with my Sword of Blue Flame knocking off heads. I am going around cutting off HUMAN CREATION in order that LIFE, that Life which is God - may find its way back into "the green pastures" - "lie down beside the still waters" and LIVE IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN; only then can I put my sword on the shelf and go home. Is not that common sense? 

Beloved ones, even on the Earth plane no lifestream is ever ejected from any constructive activity by another constructive human being. You may think that is not so, but it is! When an individual leaves a constructive organization - (human or Divine) it is because within the consciousness of that individual is a disintegrating force and through the use of free will such an one voluntarily removes himself from proximity to those others whose vibratory action is working toward unity. Thus it was that man fell from Grace and was not EJECTED by the Messengers of Mercy and of Love who were created by God to keep man from passing through the second death. Now think on this. 

Let us think on these things with common sense. The activity of a Divine Messenger is to emulate the Nature of the One who sends him forth. God, the Universal "I AM" Presence has dignified my personage with the opportunity of becoming Prince of the Archangels and through that Office redeeming Lucifer and all imprisoned life into a state of sustained harmony and perfection through instruction, through application and through opportunity, who among you know how many within this room ejected themselves from the Garden of Eden? 

The type of reasoning (which is foolish in the extreme) of blaming "Adam and Eve" for all the distresses of the world today is contrary to good common sense. 

We are now engaged in a Great Cosmic Push! Since the first of this year this sweet planet has been straightened ten percent on her axis, beloved ones - ten percent with a minimum of cataclysmic activity, through the cooperation of the great Beings who guard the axis of the Earth (Polaris and Magnus) and through the specific direction and control of Virgo, Neptune, Aries, Vesta and Helios who guard the fire element. This process was hardly noticed except in the unrest that you have seen in world conditions and some eruptions upon Earth's surface. 

Now the next part of our great opportunity is that within eight days the Earth is going to move another ten percent within this eight day period, from tonight (Sept. 21) until September 29th. Beloved ones, that entire activity is taking place within the compass of the radiation of the Archangels and their Archaii in order that there shall be no distress, In other words it took from the first of January until the twenty-first of September to move the Earth ten percent and IN EIGHT DAYS, beloved ones, the Cosmic Law is allowing us to straighten the Earth's axis another ten percent. Think on that when you make your fiats and decrees to "Hold your Flame steady" to "Make and keep you ready" because there is no cause for fear within a lifestream who truly believes that GOD IS and that God abides within each beating heart, although there is much fear rampant in the minds of those in the outer world of form. I know my twenty four shift is now twenty-two out of the twenty-four.

When I go through the inner atmosphere of Earth - through the etheric, mental and emotional consciousness of the peoples - I find that substance of grey, which is the emanation of fear of war and of bombs, of plagues, of epidemics and diseases and cataclysmic activity is greater than at any time since before the sinking of Atlantis. I have never seen such a smog of fear within the consciousness of the peoples than at present. We have drawn from the systems above us added members of the Blue Ray, the Angelic Host, to assist us in the tremendous task of transmuting this emanation. Now, what exactly causes that? An individual, let us say, within a family unit reads, hears or senses something unusual, immediately from his physical body and inner vehicles this grey substance flows out. That is picked up by contamination by his immediate family; then it flows out from the family into the town - from the town it flows into the county and thence into the state and the nation. Because of the great mechanical contrivances that enable mankind to communicate with the entire population of the Earth in the matter of several seconds today good news travels very fast. 

That is how this grey substance is thrown off. The people actually live within it and we spend a great part of our time, beloved ones, hovering over the inner vehicles of the people in an endeavor to draw that substance off. It is sticky, and difficult to release even from the hands of those who have never known human embodiment. It is extremely reluctant to let go. Yet we do that and repeat it over and over on this twenty-two hour shift in which we are now engaged. The Angels of the Violet Fire and the Angels of Purity's Legions are assisting us in changing the Quality of that energy. While the bodies sleep, whenever possible, the Silent Watchers of the localities bring the individuals to our Retreat at Banff and, if they are not evolved enough to enter into the Temple itself, they at least get the radiation of Faith in God in their etheric bodies while they remain in the gardens outside. Then the homes are cleaned up, the families the towns and villages, counties, states and nations are purified before the people wake up in the morning. That is a 24 hour task for the Celestial Helpers because some people somewhere are awake as the Earth turns on her axis. 

Remember the contagious power of fear! You may think you are immune to fear but you have not felt the mass pressure of an entire nation in distress - of an entire planet undergoing a change! I advise you, in love, to make your calls to the Infinite "I AM" Presence to blaze through you every Power and Activity of Purification to remove from you, every cause and core of fear known and unknown, in your being. You see, dear ones, many of you went down with Lemuria; many of you went down with Atlantis and many of you have suffered serious disturbances and violent death at the hands of the elements in various lives. These are deeply embedded etheric records. That is why some people do not like the sea; some people do not like the sound of the wind; some people do not like the feel of the earth beneath their feet, some are afraid of fire. It is because in some past embodiment there has been an experience which seemed at the time a tragedy to the outer self and that fear is inherent in your being until we can strip you down, to bedrock of your own Holy Christ Self and you stand absolutely non-recordant to the contagion of fear from the world without of the connection with fear through the Achilles' Heel of the fear consciousness which is within you. 

In this eight-day period the axis change will be accomplished as gently as possible. There may be some slight changes in your astronomical bodies but there will be no violent tremors to your planet Earth. Neptune is endeavoring with all his might to give his assistance in the control of the water element but I ask you (privately) to make special application during this eight-day period and I also ask you to please sustain yourselves in harmony during this period, as well, even if it does require that you do not do as much physical work as is your want. Your harmony is your protection!! You are welcome to all of my harmony that you choose to call forth! 

Now, at Banff the great amphitheatre above the Temple was created on the fifteenth of September. The Temple itself is about five thousand feet in circumference. It is circular in shape having four entrances one at each cardinal point of the compass. We do not open the great central door until an activity such as that of tonight is taking place, but the other three doors have been open from the fifteenth of September onward and we have had visitations from various Beings representative of the Nature Kingdom, the Angelic Kingdom, the human Kingdom and the Solar Logii, all offering every God assistance in the development of Faith in God, which I am so desirous of conveying to you. 

There are forty-nine steps leading up to any of those doors, so it requires a determined lifestream to even make the effort of the climb - forty-nine steps - if you come in at any door - know, we have neither a ramp nor a lift. So, those who come to us with a rather lukewarm interest usually curl up on the lawn beside the fountains or find themselves a comfortable seat and absorb the radiation leaving the forty-nine steps to the few... However, all of you have climbed them more than once; and often you have gone down quicker than you have gone up. It is always that way you know dear ones, it is easier to go down than up! But, now you are on the way up again into the heart of that Temple which we have sustained through the ages in the etheric realms as a Focus for Faith. 


(The balance of Lord Michael's address will go to you in next week's Bulletin.)