Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin


Volume 6, No. 15                                                                                                 July 14, 1957


My Beloved Aspirants: 

How often have you experienced the inability to convey perhaps a constructive idea to a lifestream seemingly requiring help because, while politely remaining silent for a moment, they refused to accept the thought pattern offered in the turmoil of preparation of their own next dissertation the moment your mouth ceased to utter a word? This is exactly the position of the outer mind and personality in reference to the Divine Promptings with regard to the union with the First Cosmic Cause. 

It is one of the most astonishing factors of human nature how incapable mankind is of becoming still (and thus acquiring Wisdom), not the stillness of lethargy or sleep but the alert and expectant stillness of the mind and feelings so that the direction of the God-Self might flow into and illumine the outer self. This stillness is the first requisite to union with the Higher Thought, with the Christus - the Holy Christ Self - the Divine Ego - the Master Presence - or whatever it may be called. The more of a "listening attitude" that one can develop in the outer mind the more of the Higher Vibratory action of the Universal Cosmic Christ can find anchorage and expression in the outer ego. 

True Wisdom comes from facing the Sun within an alert silence and drawing forth the conscious realization that all Reality, Truth, Beauty and Understanding may be found within the Flame in one's own Heart. By listening to the Voice of the Silence in humble and silent reverence, without mental concepts or emotional restraints, one becomes imbued with Wisdom. The more wise one becomes the more silent is his tongue the more peaceful is his emotional world and the less thinking he does with the brain. When you really know that the only Reality is this Sun (which is the second person of the Trinity referred to as the "Son" and often taken as a parent-child relationship) you will find that the world of Maya can no longer touch you. This is the Path of Wisdom - the period of listening and waiting that signifies the cross-legged Buddha resting on the arduous climb toward Strength and Purity. 

In this quest for Wisdom, dear children, outwardly it would appear to be a period which, in comparison with your struggle to acquire some of the other Virtues, should be peaceful, quiet and serene, for you are not tested in strength now - but in patience, inwardly. However, let me tell you it is one of the most difficult steps on the Path, for until you can hear the Voice of the Silence you are running on the periphery of Life, shouting with the multitude the hollow hosannas that sound nowhere but in your own ears. 

Music is a beautiful way of stilling the vehicles so as not to create tension, which so often is the result of mental effort to bottle up thought. Contemplating Nature in its natural beauty is another way - a calm lake, the beautiful feeling of a warm sun, or even the gentle miracle of Life in a humble house-plant, all these are conducive to stilling, in a relaxed manner, the vehicles of man. Here in this busy Western world we have not yet found a design for living in which the consciousness can be stilled and yet remain vitally and enthusiastically alive as is the case of the Host of Heaven and the Members of the Angelic Kingdom. 

Beloved Ones, the Way of Silence cannot be forced, but as you struggle to reach it I bless the Flame that beats within your hopeful breasts and my Loving Understanding enfolds you each one.

Love and Blessings,







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