Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin


Volume 6, No. 16                                                                                                           July 21, 1957


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…to the parents, distress for themselves and hold up the activity of their own Holy Christ-Self. 

For those that have physical handicaps, it is not so difficult because the Karmic Law seeks to develop certain activities of patience and certain activities of sensitivity that come from certain restrictions that they have not worked out, so some of the physically handicapped will still come into embodiment but not as many as before. 

With regard to your petitions, we have, as one of the Great Ones said to you, so far, Seven Buddhas at the gates of birth, two in embodiment and the other five are ready to come in. Beloved Mother Mary did ask us last evening if we would not increase this number, but it seems not wise at this time. We went over the entire race, the entire mankind in embodiment that are able and capable to have children and we do not find, that in fairness to the pure Soul, room for any more at the present. So Mother Mary asked that we recommend to you to continue your wonderful calls to purify the homes and families of the incoming children and the young generation, so that there may be raised up those fine, young people who can, in turn be the parents of more of these Buddhas, a hundred of whom have applied for embodiment. 

Beloved Lanto has been offered his freedom to go to a higher Star and serve. He has served in the Orient many centuries before his Ascension, and then he has served in his Ascended Master body as Hierarch at the Rocky Mountain Retreat for a great length of time. Last night the Successor to Beloved Lanto again offered him his freedom but Beloved Lanto felt that until the student body had learned to feel his reverence and love for the Light that he would choose to remain. That is a magnificent sacrifice, something similar to that of Sanat Kumara. 

Please, in remembering Beloved Lanto, give him recognition for remaining with the Earth, and will you ask him to assist you to learn that reverence for ALL Life, and learn it quickly, so that he may be God-Free. 

The Beloved Sanat Kumara came with Lord Gautama and remained all through what would be your night hours here in the east, and he is still in attendance at the Teton. He has done a great deal toward encouraging the embodiment on the Earth of some beautiful people from Venus. He brought some of them with him in their finer bodies, and they spoke to us. I do not know yet whether we would allow them to commit such a sacrifice, but Sanat Kumara (like all of the Great Divine Ones) is forever endeavoring to help set the Earth free. 

The Beloved Morya continued his activity. He brought ten little men and ten little women from Excelsior, and they are very beautiful. They are wearing little crystalline garments. Oh, they are very little people but very beautiful and he brought twin pairs. They showed in a beautiful dance the activity of the creative principle through the Flame in the heart, the throat and the head. Each little pair created between them a tiny crystal ball of Light with an Immortal Three Fold Flame within it. They didn't take up much space, Beloved Morya held them all on a scarf just before us, and the scarf didn't even have any imprints of feet they are so light.

They are just lovely little folk and when you go down to Excelsior to see them be sure you don't step on them because they are little and look very sensitive to me. It is a beautiful Planet and we do decree that they shall never know any type of distress. They are happy and they are joyous. They are somewhat like the elementals except they are going to become man and Gods one day. It is strange that they are so small of stature but they are beautiful in the extreme and they are now wielding the power of precipitation, creating the Immortal Three-fold Flame and then they are beginning to enjoy decorating the little Planet. Morya had a picture of Excelsior, too, which he showed to the assembled guests and everybody enjoyed that. 

The Great Archangels and all their followers brought in the reports of what they had done with energy during the past six months and what they had done with the thought-form of 1957, Pallas Athena spoke very forcibly again about the realization of the importance of making that thought-form a practical activity in the Life of the Hierarch of the Retreat or of the Angelic, Seraphic, Cherubic Kingdoms, whichever it might be, and the Members at the Teton, all felt very much the importance of her words. 

The bands of color (we have one more now) around the Earth are now eight and this is very helpful to Lord Gautama as well as Sanat Kumara. The petitions of course have all been heard, we have received the decision as to allowing the people from Venus to embody, and there are several other important points that will keep us in session until July 10th. But the majority of the Hierarchs received grants for their petitions, and the majority of the unascended students - some of your grants were incorporated into the Ascended Masters' petition - were released to you with a realization and the understanding that what you do now with the petition will be your record to bring before us again at the end of the year. 

We are very glad to have been a part of your conference, and we are glad that YOU were a part of our conference. We hope that this association between Divinity and the human kingdom will continue. We do decree it from our standpoint impersonally, seeing the Light of the Ascended Host, seeing the darkness of the outer consciousness of mankind. We do desire to blend the two to draw the Light into darkness by blending the two consciousnesses over the Bridge from the Divine into the human realm so to you who are the Bridge-keepers blessings in person from the Karmic Board. 

Thank you, and Good Day.

Love and Blessing,








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