Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin


Volume 5, No. 46                                                                                                              February 10, 1957


Beloved Children on the Path of Truth: 

The essential difference between mankind and the Ascended Masters lies in the nature predominantly active, which is anchored in the feeling world. We have all heard of "human" nature - and the nature of a man is the determining factor of his present place in the evolution of his particular lifestream. 

Those who have passed from the human nature into the Divine have taken unto themselves the nature of the Godhead itself, and all Perfected Beings share that God-Nature in a greater or lesser degree according to their ability and capacity to blend all their feelings and beings into the original God-Nature of the Father. 

It is, therefore, essential for evolving humanity to contemplate and understand, the active Nature of God as regards the action and re-action of feeling and thought determined by experiences, externally and internally. 

To throw off the old and put on the new symbolizes the second birth spoken of by Jesus, and the incorporation of the God-nature into the actions and re-actions of the human self is the process by which man and saint are welded into ONE Cause, which has been referred to as "The Imitation of the Christ". 

The action of the human nature will always be diametrically opposed to the action and release of the feeling of the God Nature. The self-conscious substitution of the higher for the lower can be a daily practice, until by use, the God-Nature becomes the predominant and almost unconscious governing power of the lifestream. 

A manís nature is composed of what he thinks and feels, what he knows, how he acts and reacts to circumstances that arise in the course of his life's experience and evolution. 

From the elemental substance of the grass and trees, throughout the four-footed kingdom upward, to the very Godhead itself, each expression of Life is an individual nature. Those individuals who have become sainted have, by meditative practices, or active exercises, entered into a realization of the Nature of God. Even perceiving that Nature intellectually they became aware of the wisdom and necessity of assuming that Nature in order to become One with the God Identity, which is the ultimate goal of all Life expression. 

To Assume the Nature of the Godhead has been the delight of every member of the Ascended Host and is the heart of the teaching of the Ascension. That is why it is really immaterial whether the individual turns his attention towards the One Source, or any Perfected Being who is a member of the Hierarchy; because they all share in common the God-Nature of Love, Harmony, Understanding, Peace. 

Individuals have achieved God's Union through devotion to a saint, an avatar or the Sun itself, because the nature of the Perfected One towards whom their attention was turned began to infiltrate and blend with their own. 

A student becomes a true disciple on the Path when there is a perceivable blend: of his former nature with the higher, finer and more beautiful consciousness of the Ascended One, which shows in the action and re-action to circumstances of the individual, and which manifests in love, tolerance and kindness towards his fellowman. Such a one is in the stages of the new rebirth.

Love and Blessings,






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