Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin


Volume 5, No. 47                                                                                                         February 17, 1957


Blessed Children of the Light:

You have all heard at different times the expression "second nature"; well, mankind will do well to accept the "second nature", which is the Spiritual Nature, wholly different from the human nature in which they were born after leaving God's Kingdom. I mean by this the nature which the average man assumes at birth and retains during the course of his life unless he is visited by the Spirit and born literally again. It is to change the nature that I have come. It is to change the nature that I sustain my Love through your lives, and it is to the establishment of your Spiritual Nature that I have dedicated this portion of my Life - freely given. 

The vibratory action of the inner bodies has had an independent life within the consciousness of mankind for so long that when the individual first determines to set the pattern of that vibration consciously, preceding the day's activities, directing the Flame through the mental, the emotional, etheric and the physical bodies, there is liable to be a resistance to a dictated rate of vibration. You will find then that the bodies will attempt to assume their original nature at the first opportunity when pressure touches any one of them in the course of the experience during the day. This is why I am bringing to your attention now the vibratory action which can be invoked from the Holy Spirit to enter into your inner bodies and remain a constant pulsating, fundamental vibration more powerful than any accumulated action of the past. 

As you knew, during the ministry of the Master Jesus he gathered about himself a number of lifestreams who, at inner levels, had dedicated themselves to the establishment of a new Era called the Christian Dispensation. However, in the short time of his ministry they did not develop within themselves the conscious contact with their own God-Identity to a point where they could sustain it when he was removed from their midst. Yet the three year period of his ministry was set by Cosmic Law, and at the completion of it the victorious attainment of the Ascension was to be the capstone of the pyramid of a Perfect Life. Jesus, therefore, and the Hierarch, realized that more than human help had to be given the disciples in order that they might carry on the great work. 

At this time Jesus began to make the calls for the Holy Comforter or the Holy Spirit to release the Sacred Fire. This Fire, passing through the inner bodies, would raise their vibratory action to a point where they might connect with the subtle vibrations of their Higher Selves, and during the period of their ministry have that acceleration of nature which enabled the firm foundation of Jesus' work through them. 

In your Biblical description of the visitation at Whitsuntide the tongues of Flame released from the Holy Spirit was an activity of the Sacred Fire which came forth in response to Jesus' call and rendered this specific service. 

The visitation of the Holy Spirit has occurred on this planet not once, but many times. At the time of the disciples of Jesus it was a mass activity, but it had occurred many times previous to that and was part of the conscious knowledge which Jesus knew through previous experience in many lives. His application for the dispensation was granted him because the work of the disciples was impersonal service to the incoming age. When a disciple or student has so requested opportunity for Cosmic Work and the establishment of the Kingdom of the Great White Brotherhood it will never be denied. The actual tongues of Flame can be a palpable and tangible experience in the life of the aspirant. 

Dear Children on the Path, try to hold in consciousness the realization that the Spirit of Breath and the Spirit of Light abide yet in this Universe. The Indivisible God-Power very eagerly awaits the call of the unascended beings that it may manifest. 

I might add-here, that Breath is Life in this physical world and its powerful and potent force is yet untapped, although man turns to all kinds of artificial stimulants to step up the vitality of their exhausted bodies and inner vehicles. 

If you would make it a practice of taking deep breaths from the Holy Spirit before you start any activity whatsoever, you would bring a great peace to your consciousness and a great illumination to your mind and soul, for I AM in that Breath. 

In the East nobody lifts a weighty object without the corporation of the breath. The tons of energy expended by the heavy people of the West in all movements of the physical bodies, without the cooperation of the breath, is a source of amazement to all who know anything of the uplifting power that is inherently within the breath. People drag their bodies around scarcely able to move them from place to place because there is not enough breath within them to make them light and vibrant. This is the reason for lethargy, heaviness and depression in the vehicles. 

People on the Spiritual Path in the Western hemisphere are not at all cognizant of the capacity within the breath to raise the soul and the mind and the consciousness to tremendous heights. 

Think on this Breath of the Holy Spirit of Life! When the Breath was breathed into the nostrils of man it was given to be a resurrecting power, not only of his mind, but in all of his vehicles. Start your day, dear ones, by partaking deeply this Breath of Life. You will find it a most cooperative Servant.

Love and Blessings,






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