Luxor, The Ascension Temple

Journeying leisurely up the River Nile, almost 480 miles from our point of embarkation at Cairo, we come in sight of the glorious Temples of Luxor that stand out from the sands of the desert, proclaiming to the World a magnificence of splendor, a transcendence of purposeful worship that is little understood by modern civilization. 

Within walking distance of the marsh, across an improvised boardwalk over which we gingerly stepped on leaving the relative security of our boat, we pass into the great pillared avenues that extend around the base of the great Temples built by Ramses II, and which have endured to the present day. The Temples seem to throb, not only with the akashic records of spiritual invocations and endeavors of the Illuminati of the ages, but with a very present, powerful, potent and active stimuli to the upliftment of soul and spirit. 

Proceeding onward, we come upon a large, white stone edifice, built in a perfect square, that seems to be in good repair and presently inhabited. It is surrounded by a high wall, the four corners of which end in huge towers. The entrance is through massive doors which open on a large courtyard, glimpses of which we can perceive through the closely knit grille work. Our guide summons the gate-keeper by pulling a cord hanging beside the gate; we hear the sound of a melodious bell and our call is answered immediately by the gates swinging inward, admitting us into a veritable paradise of beauty. The contrast between the arid desert that lies within two feet of the outer wall and this verdant, glorious garden, with its musical fountains, its various colored flowers in full bloom and the brilliant plumage of the bird life, renders us speechless with admiration and delight. 

Set back from the courtyard, we see the famous Sanctuary of Luxor, known throughout the Spiritual world as the Host to those sons of men who are about to finish their Earthly pilgrimages and who desire to hasten the development of the necessary qualifications to pass, with awareness, into the next realm of conscious life through that which is termed the Ascension. Ah, Luxor! How many dreams and hopes - how many heartbreaks, disappointments and despairs are written in the invisible ethers above your seemingly placid appearance! 

As we enter the Sanctuary from the garden, we are each led to a separate cubicle which is to be our private sanctum during our stay, the simple contents of which comprise a pallet, a small straight table on which is a bottle filled with sparkling fresh water, an individual chair and a covering which looks like al Eastern prayer rug on the floor. The room contains no books, no pictures and there is only one small window set high into the wall so that it is required of a person to stand upon a chair to see the possible distracting activities of the outer courtyard. 

Within this narrow compass, the aspirant is forced to face himself, with no props, no mental stimuli, nothing outside of his own Spiritual Guide or Mentor, who lives deep, deep, deep within the heart. We are not long allowed to ponder within our uncompromising solitude before we are summoned to appear before the Hierarch - he whose name has spelled discipline to men through centuries of time - the very one from whom the present "Spartan Spirit" is derived and who was the originator of that great Race whose memory lives yet in the immortal history of Ancient Greece. 

We follow our guide to the library and as the doors open we see HIM sitting straight, impersonal and unsmiling behind his great desk. Our messenger departs and we are left alone standing before the Hierarch. Why did we come? If only we might escape. He looks at us and his piercing eyes gaze deep into our very hearts. We experience the sensation of having our thoughts and feelings literally pressed out of our inner bodies until they stand externalized in the room - not only our present feelings of trepidation, but all the uncountable, muddled, garbled lot of incoherent reactions to experiences throughout our life stand visible as our silent accusers. Try as we will, we can neither suppress them nor keep them from flying, like the inhabitants of Pandora's box, all over the room, filling the Sacred Sanctuary with our personal iniquities. Finally, all is uncovered and we stand revealed in our human nature, expecting instant dismissal. Then, oh then, the indescribable relief and joy - the great Master smiles. 

Serapis, Lord of Love, Divine Lord of the Seraphic Hosts who bear thy name, how sweet is thy simple, thy gracious Benediction! Instantly all our creation disappears and although we are uncomfortably aware that it has been swallowed up again within our own undisciplined human nature, at least it no longer stands before our eyes and those of our great Host. Inwardly, we determine to attend to their annihilation. Of this we are sure, lest we ever again are forced to stand in the Presence of Purity, unveiled and find ourselves unworthy. Thus Vow Number One is voluntarily taken! 

The great Master then explains that Luxor provides the opportunity for the development of the spiritual nature, but that there is no teacher other than the individual’s own life flame. There are great libraries full of priceless volumes, but there is no one to point out a single course of reading. One is left to the inspiration and intuition of the heart. There are countless symbolic treasures of art, all containing the secrets, codes and messages of Immortality, but no one will ever suggest that we look upon them. Yet, the entire resources of the Retreat are ours for the duration of our stay, even as are all the glorious opportunities of everyday life, the proving ground of every man! Then he bids us go, develop our own course of study and - if after a given time, when we are again called before him, there is even a slight improvement in our externalized aura, we may stay on. Otherwise, in Blessed Love, we must depart. 

Here from April 15th through May 14th, will be entertained every hopeful son of man (in his etheric garment) who chooses to take in his hand the long flaxen cord that hangs silently beside the iron grilled doorway to the Luxor home of Serapis Bey, and by peeling it, to signify his willingness to stand before the glorious Hierarch and learn for himself how his life may be improved until he attains the final goal of Earthly endeavor, the conscious Ascension at the close of his embodiment, whenever   God decrees the work in the vineyard is completed. 

We hope ALL will avail themselves of this invitation and wisely accept the admonition of the Lord Serapis to TRY!





Across thy breast Love's Home address

Now marked; "Ascend to me!"

All things made right - returned to Light;

'Tend now thy Victory. 

Return now HOME, each one, MY OWN,

No more to roam, MY OWN,

Call ye my might: "I AM" thy Light;

Come now - ascend to me! 

Ascend to me!

Come now - be Free!

Come now - ascend to me! 

Ascension Flame, sacred thy name;

Holy thy sweet pure Love;

Children of God, thy journey ends above. 

Serapis Bey, guarding the Way –

Luxor's own priceless Gift;

Master thyself; then claim thy wealth above! 

Come HOME to me - forever Free;

Master of Love - loving me. 

Ascend to me!

Come now - be Free!

Come now - ascend to me!




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