Beloved Otsuma

January 18, 1968

Honorable Friends, salutations! "I AM" Otsuma, a Member of the Brotherhood at Fujiyama who has been serving in the Amphitheatre of the Violet Fire over Long Island. 

You will remember this Focus of the Violet Fire of Transmutation was provided by the Spiritual Hierarchy during the Summer Conference of 1967, and was initiated as an experiment to hasten the purification of this Island, to remain until the end of that year, and to be further established if the results proved satisfactory. 

"I AM" gratified to have the honor of telling you that this Focus will be maintained and sustained for as long a period as is necessary. The chelas on this Island are visiting it nightly at regular intervals and many have asked to become active participants in the Transmutation process from this Focus. Most important, hundreds of sensitive lifestreams are coming regularly to this Focus and learning, in their finer bodies, of the Transmuting Process of the Violet Fire, and although they do not yet bring back the conscious memory, a purifying activity is definitely taking place in their own worlds and will shortly become evident to them in their great desire to know the Truth of Life and the way and means of changing their mode of living, as well as that of others with whom they come in contact; naturally not by inflicting their ideas upon them, but by the example they will show in their daily lives, which will magnetize others into their auras. 

Long Island is well on the way to becoming the Sacred Isle as destined, regardless of now existing manifestations of imperfection. 

It truly would make your hearts sing could you hear what many wonderful spiritually inclined individuals are saying about the Violet Fire Focus when they visit it at night. We regularly hear statements to the effect, "Oh, now I know why we moved to Long Island," and "how grateful I am to have the privilege of being so blessed by God as to have been brought to this location." And, as they are further impressed through repeated visits to the Focus of Transmutation, they will be cognizant in their outer consciousness that something of a Spiritual Nature is taking place in their worlds. You have been told that in ages past the atmosphere of this Island was tremendously charged. The day is approaching when the Beauty of this Island will again express the dignity and perfection of life in a truly God-planned existence. 

Now, the Great Lord Gautama, whose residence is in the etheric Shamballa over the designated section of this Island, when he is not otherwise engaged in consultation with the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy and expanding the Light to keep this Earth in her orbit, is constantly lending his glorious Energies to impregnating the consciousness of the chelas of Long Island and all residing thereon with the Flame of God Illumination and Balance. He well knows the requirement for Balance in those days when one's equilibrium can be truly askew, particularly through the emotional impasses which come your way, consciously directed or otherwise. This refers to all chelas who are serving the Light at this crucial time. 

Naturally the advanced chela does not dwell on those jarring vibrations but immediately remembers that there is a Focus of Violet Fire in his heart; in the center of the Earth in Beloved Pelleur's kingdom and now, through God's Grace, in the Etheric Realm over Long Island. You are, of course, cognizant of the many Foci of the Violet Fire all over the Planet, importantly the Focus at Fujiyama, Japan, from whence the concentrated activity of this Divine Alchemy is directed from Beloved Saint Germain's being and from Beloved Kamakura and all our Brotherhood. 

Honored chelas, for indeed that designation describes you, for who has a greater privilege than you who are serving under the direct guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy, especially Beloved Holy Ĉolus, the Beloved Lord of the World Gautama, Blessed Sanat Kumara and our beloved king, the Ascended Master Saint Germain. 

Think of the happiness in the Heart of the Beloved Saint Germain when he views with great Joy another Focus of the Violet Fire for this Earth to serve with the Beloved. Kamakura at the retreat at Fujiyama, now Saint Germain's principal Focus of the Violet Fire for this Earth, have come more frequently into a closer proximity to his glorious Consciousness, and his desire becomes a privileged command in our Beings, to fulfill even a contemplated benefaction for the evolutions of this Earth. I, personally, am now returning to be at Fujiyama for the next several months, giving freedom to another of our members to come to assist in holding the magnetization of the Violet Fire over Long Island, so that it can remain and be sustained at this location. We are all most mindful of the magnificent results thus far as an effect of this Focus. However, may I remind you that the energies of all the chelas throughout the Earth serving through the avenue of THE BRIDGE TO FREEDOM have a responsibility to assist in the purification process here established. 

It has been a very illumining experience for me, for I have had the privilege of joining my Consciousness with glorious beings from other Planets who come to this Focus to energize it by their Presence, and then return to their Stars to report to their Superiors as to what is taking place. As you surely realize, the progress of the Earth is of vital importance to the other Planets in this System for the forward push is definitely in progress and the Earth and her evolutions must be ready to take their place in the orderly progression which is close at hand. 

Contemplate this in your hearts and then examine your consciousness - your actions and reactions, and surely as illumined chelas, you will realize that nothing, absolutely nothing, is of greater importance than serving with the Spiritual Hierarchy to fulfill the Divine Edict for the Cosmos. 

In the days of Lemuria and Atlantis warning after warning went forth telling the citizens of impending events, and you are aware of what happened to many in those dark hours. Wise is he who sets the personal desires aside and listens to the Voice of the Presence within, whose Voice is saying always "come into my heart, blend your energies with mine, and know the fulfillment of God's Purpose." That you shall quickly experience the ecstasy of living and serving "At One with God", the Creator of all Life, is the sincere Heart Prayer of all of us who serve from the Realms of Perfection. 

Thank you for allowing me to come into your Presence and should you feel that I can assist you in your endeavors, you have but to call to Otsuma, and I shall, in reverence for the Life which beats your hearts, joyously come to help you. 

Good Evening!

Otsuma, a Brother from the Fujiyama Retreat

* * *



Blaze forth Blest Freedom's Violet Flame!

Blaze forth now God's all transmuting Flame!

Blaze forth now God's all forgiving Flame!

God's Victory is Love's Transmuting Flame!

God's Victory is Love's Transmuting Flame!

Transmuting our fears and our tears

To God's Peace and Joy Love's Way! 

BLAZE and set us Free!

BLAZE and set us Free!


BLAZE and set us Free!

BLAZE and set us Free

From all hate; and war in our world today!





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