Summer Conference Address

Beloved El Morya

July 53, 1963

I bless you, love you, and enfold you in my Mantle of Determination and steadfastness which is one of the reasons I cling so tenaciously to your lifestreams, because I KNOW what you can accomplish in the Light, requiring only your desire and WILL TO DO - and that naturally brings me to your side. 

As we come to the formal closing of this Great Conclave, I find it my extreme joy and pleasure to tell you that you are the most privileged chelas on this Planet Earth. 

We have waited these many years for the time when we could find a number of lifestreams under our specific direction in whom we felt we could safely vest the Powers which have been endowed upon you at this Conference. In the Name of God Almighty, I beseech you, do not take lightly the channeling of the Sacred Currents of Light from the Planet Venus. Invoke, with heartfelt feeling, the assistance of our Lord and Regent Sanat Kumara and his, oh so lovely Lady Venus, to send Emissaries from their Court to be with you, to assist you in the acceptance and the acquaintance with the vibratory action of Light and Love which is expected, yes expected, to flow through you without human qualification of any kind. 

I do most humbly invoke the Almighty on your behalf and on behalf of all mankind, to give you the FEELING and that it become a permanent part of your beings of that which I AM so earnestly endeavoring to convey to you, my good friends. 

I invoke the Angels from the Temple of Pure Divine Love, of Hope, under the direction of the Lady Master HOPE, whose magnificent Focus pulsates over the City of Providence, to assist you each one. 

I seal you, each one, in the Protection of Beloved Hercules and my humble self and the gratitude of the Hierarchy Assembled at the Rocky Mountain Retreat for making this Conference a most God Victorious and Memorable One in the annals of your Spiritual Progress. 

Without further ado, I, EL MORYA, of Darjeeling, Excelsior and Mercury, bid you Godspeed!






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