As a special dispensation to the Bridge Students for this year, one of our Chelas has been permitted to share with them the private instruction received from the Master. 


The Great Cosmic Heart of the Great, Great Silence is not just a void of Light. It is a Realm, it is peopled with individualized Beings of Harmony who have earned the right through the vibratory action of their own vehicles to abide therein. There are Temples there, oh, there are infinite possibilities for the investigating consciousness to discover. 


Aside from the particular atmosphere of intensified Light in which a student's consciousness is constantly immersed, there are seasonal influences, and the life-flow of the springtime does not alone affect the physical bodies of man, but greatly accentuates the creative centers in the realm of consciousness as well. It is, therefore, a time when it is well to mentally plant thoughts of affluence and peace, health and, well being, for they will take root and form with additional strength and speed in this season. 


The occultist will tell you that the monthly season of seed planting corresponds to the birth and unfoldment of the new Moon. The period of growth extends through the complete full Moon, and that is why the time of the Full Moon all the powers of consciousness are in greatest activity and most powerfully felt as a pressure for good or evil in the lifestream. On the wane they enter again into the slumber, getting their new life impulse as it rises. 

As the water of the Earth and the tides are affected by the magnetic pull of the Moon, so is the emotional body, and individuals who wish to precipitate money, or health, or peace, if they work with the incoming tide, will have a tremendous natural assistance for their precipitation, just as the farmer who plants with the Moon, draws into the very plant life certain currents and beneficent rays which will create and manifest a crop out of all comparison to those who work by chance. 


Around the physical Sun are great Fire Temples wherein are focused the Cosmic Activity by which Life is sustained upon the Planets of our System and by which the Spiritual nature of mankind is nourished and measured when the self-conscious intelligence of each being tunes in to the currents always available, but not always apparent. 

The rhythm of life is focused through that Fiery Temple which bears the name of the Resurrection and is the quickening and vitalizing spirit force behind the precipitation in nature and behind the spiritual development of mankind. 


As the word to 'resurrect' means 'to bring back to life the fullness of a previous Perfection', you will see that the Resurrection Flame is specifically designed to bring through the life-experience of the chela the full Glory that each one 'had in the beginning', and the fanning of the pattern and Archetype within the heart by this Spiritual Flame helps tremendously in unfolding the Higher Nature without effort of will, but rather through the Gifts of Grace. 


It is quite a marvelous experience to see the directed Rays from the Holy Land Retreat pouring into those Healing Shrines which have been established by the Brotherhood at various places throughout the world, for the mitigation of the karma of the 'believing'. Many individuals, many doctors, and men and women in the medical profession, as well as many religious teachers are affiliated with this Retreat in their inner bodies, and throughout the entire course of the year are assisted in their endeavors by some Brother or Sister who is an active and conscious member. 


As you will recall, the Planetary Development under the direction of Helios and Vesta prepared one Planet after another to be the home of a certain number of the Spirit sparks who were to form the entire race. The Planetary God-parents invoked or drew forth these Spirit sparks and guided and guarded them in their evolution toward God Expression. 


The Focus of the Great God Meru in South America is an indication of the great perfection which this Continent will one day express to the peoples of Earth. Contemplation upon this Being will draw his currents, vibration and tremendous assistance into your life-stream because he is more eager to express the perfection on this Planet, which is his great Gift to his people and which he is desirous of releasing through his Disciples and his children as quickly as possible. 


To become Truth one must pierce the veil of words, for the most beautifully expressed revelations are but the courser clothing of reality. Printed instruction is like a door, but one must pass through the 'words' into the inner realization of the fact which the words so clumsily endeavor to portray.







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