On Old Age is not Natural 

The appearance of your physical body is determined by the amount of Light that is used within the four lower vehicles, the emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies. 

The natural emanation of Light through the lower bodies forms the protecting Wall referred to in your instructions as the Mantle of Light. 

When the electrons move more slowly in their particular organs and cells, they draw less Light from the Holy Christ Self and the natural resistance of the lifestream grows weaker. 

When the race becomes harmonious and the energy released through their bodies is never qualified discordantly there will be no such thing as old age, disease, and the vehicles, when abandoned at the close of that particular phase of life's experience, will be in as perfect condition as when they were designed by the Builders of Form.


On Gratitude 

Lord Chamuel and Beloved Charity care not for 'human appearances' but care exceedingly for the budding Christ Light that seeks to burst the shell of 'human appearances' and add to the Light of the World. Every saint, every great patriot, scholar, humanitarian, architect, scientist, missionary and spiritual teacher has been and is sustained by the Pink Ray of Lord Chamuel's Love. 

Then, the soul, cognizing a Power greater than itself, begins to express gratitude to its Source, (God), his Divine Messengers, and finally, to its fellowman. This gratitude is a POWER. It cannot be over-emphasized in man's dealing with his fellowman. A sincere feeling of gratitude, silently sent forth, or audibly expressed when conditions allow, reaps a harvest of greater endeavors upon the part of the recipient of the loving feeling of gratitude expressed. Thus, according to human experience, gratitude is a 'magic key' which can be used to advantage in developing the God potential of every man. Let us not confuse flattery (which is insincere) with honest gratitude for endeavors made to lighten the burden of individuals, families, nations and the planet. Gratitude is a virtue of God, expressed through Lord Chamuel and Beloved Charity and Their Legions of Angels of Love. When the soul truly learns how to feel gratitude toward those who serve him, even in mundane ways, inevitably that gratitude begins to rise to the Source (God) which has given him his very life. Gratitude is truly the open door to greater benefactions from God, his Messengers and mankind enmasse.


On Dissenting Activities 

The first thing that the chela has to learn is to distinguish between different presentations, or so called presentations of the Truth, to determine which constitutes a more complete expression of the Truth. The chela must, of course, have as one of his guides the words of our Beloved Ascended Master Jesus, "not all who come in my name represent me." 

The student has to be particularly alert before accepting statements issued by dissenting activities, which as a rule have their origin not in important differences of doctrine, of which they do not speak, but in the personal ambition of their self-called leaders, who in many cases appropriate the instruction of the parent body and present it as new and better, without any substantial proof of their claim.


On Pride 

All psychic and astral creations, as well as their creators, are actually vampire activities, living on the Faith and Power of foolish peoples who desire, for personal reasons, to build their personal egos. "Pride (especially of a so-called spiritual nature) always goes before a fall". In this Cosmic Hour, the fall will come more quickly and be more evident to the spiritually discerning than in ages past. 

Therefore, we on the Third Ray, do implore each earnest chela to call to Lord Michael, the Archangel, to cut you free NOW from all known and unknown sources that could, at any time, use you as a channel for the expression of their destructive activities, and to help you to cognize and express always the good, the true, the lasting goodness of God, here on Earth as it always expresses in Heaven.


On Antidote for Depression 

If there are heavy conditions in your world; if your soul is weighted down; if there are depressions (sometimes not your own) in the group of people with whom you work; if there are financial depressions that are made apparent to you through your telecast, then call to the Brotherhood at Luxor to send the Ascension Flame to bring into Life the ascendancy, the buoyancy which resurrects the depression and brings it to a natural state of happiness and harmony. 

The Ascension Flame, like the Resurrection Flame, is a most marvelous antidote for depressions, individually and collectively. Now many among you are Group Directors, Sanctuary Directors, and all of you will one day become teachers, if not in this physical appearance world, then when you pass through the change and gain your Ascension.


On Precipitation 

For man to struggle to acquire the Power of Precipitation is a travesty, for there is no moment, waking or sleeping, day or night, when even the most ignorant and ungoverned human being is not precipitating. The forces of the four elements precipitate and even the animal kingdom sends forth a radiation Therefore, the fundamental principle to be learned is not HOW TO PRECIPITATE but WHAT! It has been said that one day man will understand the Precipitating Ray which is an activity of his being. 

Holding the visualization of your consciousness as being the sum total of the thoughts and feelings in your Cup, we see that the pure energy precipitated through the individual's consciousness becomes an outpouring of the various inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

To precipitate consciously, one must change the qualification of the energy within. You might use: 'I AM' THE PRECIPITATING PRESENCE in action, precipitating Perfection into my mind, body, being, world and affairs'; and also, 'I AM' THE ASCENDED MASTERS USE of the Power of Precipitation.


On Oneness of Life 

When you once conceive of the oneness of life and when your consciousness is impregnated with the realization of that oneness you will let go of the consciousness that there is any separation between you and the beggar on the street or the Ascended Host of Heaven. The one life singing through all must be treated with the same unfailing courtesy and kindliness. When Saint Francis gave his cloak to the unclothed and his food to the hungry his disciples rebuked him, for they had learned to love Francis and not Life, but Francis, in his great illumination, knew that he but fed and clothed himself. 

NADA means 'NOTHING'. This is not a negative, lethargic or passive state, but it is the same consciousness which Jesus used when He said "I, of my own self, can do nothing, etc." It is rather a most powerfully positive and concentrated consciousness of the ONE-NESS of the eternal Life of the Universe, and he who attains that consciousness has become one with the Ascended Consciousness even while he yet appears in the Third Dimensional garments of flesh.


On How to Use the Words 'I AM' 

It is now the opportunity of the Spiritual Brotherhood to show mankind how to use the words 'I AM', always followed by a positive and constructive statement. The difficulty lies in the fact that man tends to make any statement of power a mere repetition of words without feeling and conscious thought. Thus most invocations, prayers and attempts at resurrection and redemption are not as efficacious as they might be, were the student to truly ponder the Truth that the words 'I AM' cause life to obey instantly and become that which the speaker indicates and wishes to manifest. Let us now endeavor to use the Creative Word 'I AM' only in a constructive manner, then witness the resurrecting power of perfection which will flow through the life energy of the student body and all the evolutions using Earth as a planetary home!










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