The hour has struck when the beast of human creation and all its ramifications must die on this planet. Thank God! The death throes of that beast will be felt in every human heart and feeling world. You would be amazed at the amount of that human imperfection that is still ingrained in your beings and worlds. Therefore, in the days that are to come, take your rigid stand to hold yourself harmonious and be free of that thing forever. 

The Triumphant Homeward March of the Children of the Home Realm is already begun. The Trumpets have sounded in every quarter of the Earth, and the Children of the Homeland are gathering, listening, and garnering forces for that return. HOMEWARD BOUND! Do you know what these two words mean? 'Homeward bound'? You are bound to the Homeland by bonds and ties of love, extending from our loving hearts to yours. 

To more quickly facilitate this process of purification which must take place in this Journey Homeward, it is suggested that you employ the methods of purification which are instantly available to you at your conscious call! 

We are ready to join with you in giving all the assistance which is at our command, awaiting the DEMAND on the Cosmic Law, which must be made by you individually. 

Yours in obedience and love

El Morya



In the Name of the Presence of God which 'I AM', and that of all mankind, we invoke your Presence Beloved Archangel Michael, Beloved Ascended Master El Morya and your Ascended Legions of Light to - BLAZE, BLAZE, BLAZE your Cosmic Flame of Purity through us and CUT US FREE, CUT US FREE, CUT US FREE from all human creation in, through, around or driven against us, and replace it with Ascended Master Purity, eternally sustained, all powerfully active and world encompassing until all are Ascended and FREE! So be it! BELOVED 'I AM’.






Astronomy is a star study which shows the student the power of radiation and the tremendous influence such a radiation has through interstellar space. The same activity is prevalent among the radiating centers which every human being on Earth represents. In large cities where great numbers of people are gathered together, the mingled and concentrated impurity of radiation is a constant pressure on the aspirant. 

People advance more quickly where there are less human effluvia. However, for the work in question, it is required that certain students remain in cities, but they must remember that radiation is no idle thing, and they should avail themselves of the protective power of the Sacred Fire, such as the Mantle of Light, the Violet Flame, Sanat Kumara's Wall of Blue Flame, the Cross of White Fire, Lord Hercules' Mantle of Protection and so on. 


There are scarcely more than twelve individuals in embodiment who have the same state of consciousness at the same time. Considering the flowering of a soul and the millions of embodiments entailed, it is a gigantic task to watch the personal evolution of each one and see that none is given more karma than he or she can bear in each embodiment. It is therefore difficult to have group teaching when you reach a certain point for each lifestream, for its strengths and its weaknesses must be treated individually. 

Such individual attention comes when the soul growth has reached a certain point and that soul growth compels the attention and supervision of a Master. 


The Spirit of man is encased in a flesh body like a letter sealed in an envelope. As individuals move about in the outer world you are no more aware of each other's spiritual growth and aspirations than you are of the contents of the sealed envelopes that pass through the mail. Being, therefore, so limited as to the conscious understanding of the inner working of even the average man's soul, mankind should be very humble and free from opinions. Through the Grace of the Gods, the seals of some lifestreams have been broken and the inner contents have been opened to the view of the individual occupant. In this manner certain purification, correction and discipline may be effected which will benefit the Spirit and erase the record of imperfection. 


When an individual comes under the personal direction of the Ascended Master Saint Germain and enters the service of the New Age as an active Conductor of the Violet Ray, he has the marvelous privilege of taking from twelve to twenty five embodiments without the necessity of discarding the flesh cloak and taking a new infant form. 

As he passes from one embodiment to another, he will find many old friends dropping away, he will find his environment changing and new friends coming into his world and his life re-ordered as though he were living on a different planet. 

This rapid succession of embodiments also offers relief and release from parental heredity, racial heredity, etc., as the Spirit entering the new cycle of embodiments really is no longer born of flesh. This will result in a change even in the appearance of the flesh and is one reason why the chela is urged not to look to earthly parents except in love. When Jesus said, "Call no man on Earth your father”, he meant just this and that the disciples really had been born again 'physically' and in that new birth had Freedom from the defects of earthly heritage. Of course there is a Spiritual Birth which is also referred to in this manner, but which is distinctly different from the above. 


The responsibility of spiritual leadership does not fall idly upon a man or woman, for each lifestream that you embark upon, a spiritual voyage, offers you the strength, the richness and the talents of that particular individualization of God, but it also requires that from within yourself you draw the necessary powers and poise and balance to govern the consciously qualified energy of that lifestream in a harmonious manner until through the use of the Sacred Fire the destructively qualified emanations are transmuted and purified. 


When the Monad, or individualized Flame, was first created from the Heart of God it was Divine in essence and potentialities, having all the qualities, powers and activities of the Father, but not having the experience of drawing energy and utilizing these many gifts, just as the infant has the necessary members in his physical body but through a period of growth must learn the use and develop the skill in utilizing these members. 

This is the experience that sometimes puzzles the outer mind, the reason for the long earth journey from the time of individualization to complete Mastery; for many people feel that an individual born of God must contain all the wisdom of God and require no expanding process. 


'I AM' Illumined Obedience to God's Will, fulfilling the Divine Plan at my specific point in the Universe - here and NOW and forever sustained!







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