Easter Conference

Djwal Khul

April 2nd, 1988

"I AM" very grateful to have an opportunity to speak with you at this time, when the thoughts of the majority of men are focused upon the Master Jesus. Wise Men still seek the Christ Within, all over the Planet.

You will remember the Path which Beloved Jesus trod presented many difficulties he had to overcome in order to accomplish his final Mission on Earth, the Great Exemplar of the Christ Consciousness and the Truth of Victorious Accomplishment in The Light.

OPPORTUNITY is at its PEAK, NOW, as the Radiations of The Master Jesus encompass the Earth, and all who dwell thereon.

I counsel you, each dear one, to keep your Consciousness ON HIGH, and in so doing you will not only raise your own Consciousness but will be more able to remain centered in your Christ Within and assist your fellow traveler to experience the Happiness that comes from following his own individual Divine Plan.

It is your Golden Opportunity to keep the Light of Love, Wisdom and Power of the immortal Victorious Threefold Flame alive and ever expanding to bless all life. The Beloved Gautama, Lord of the World, as a Member of the Holy Triumvirate, has a permanent Focus in the Etheric Realms over this landed surface of Shamballa. As your Consciousness is now aligned with his, feel your vibratory action becoming finer and finer, ever reaching in to the heart of the Plan of the Divine Architect of this Universe.

"I AM" endeavoring to give you every assistance possible, as are all of us in the Heavenly Realms, according to your acceptance.

Do not fall into sleep. Do not allow the Christ Within to slumber. Remain ALIVE, ALERT AND ACTIVE, in your MIND, BODY, FEELING WORLD and AFFAIRS, and ACCEPT the MYSTIC UNION of your Consciousness with that of THE COSMIC CHRIST.

I love you and I bless you and know that El Morya, Kuthumi and I will guide you and protect you and enlighten you as The Christ grows to full stature.

Djwal Khul


The Great Beings from the Sun Temple whose radiation and outpouring we will receive during this period:

Beloved Hercules - May 1st through May 20th

A radiating Center of Faith, Strength, Courage and Power

Beloved Lord Maitreya - May 21st through June 20th

The Focus of Love - the Christ-man working through personality.





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