To BELOVED KENICH AHAN, at the Temple of the Sun in the Etheric Realm at the Sacred Mountain of Uxmal, near Merida, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

From the center of the Three-fold Flame within our hearts, we, the Chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, send forth this call!

Hail to Thee! Beloved Kenich Ahan ... Guardian of the Flame of Light Eternal! We invite and invoke the full intensity of the Sacred Light of your Holy Presence to come forth now! Enter deeply into our minds and our hearts, assisting us to a consciousness of full unity with the Sun of Our Beings - the Beloved Presence of God I AM" within our hearts.

Teach us to become more and more at one with, and infinitely sensitive to the Light of God within ourselves and others.

As this Light expands, we ask that you direct your Flame into our combined efforts to release the Full Light of Shamballa into our Beloved Planet Earth. May that Light expand, expand and expand until the Earth is truly ready to take its rightful place in the Crown of Helios and Vesta.

We make this, and our every call to the Eternal Light of God, as his Most Holy Name.... “I AM”!

* * *




In the Name, Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of God "I AM" within my heart and within the hearts of all humankind, I call forth the Golden Flame of God Illumination to flow forth through every part of life and remove all shadows created by humanity's refusal to follow the path to Freedom and Perfection.

Beloved Kenich Ahan, I invoke your full momentum and the essence of God's Illumination from your Heart Flame to saturate the beings and worlds of those who are in a position of authority over their fellowman. Show them that there is no room for greed and hatred, and assist them to remove the cause and core of all that is less than God’s Perfection.

As we walk together into the full Golden Light of the Sun - we know that the chains of imperfection that have bound us were of our own creation and have now been cast into the Violet Fire.... never to bind us again.

"I AM the Golden Flame of God Illumination lighting the pathway for all humanity". (3X)




To the Cosmic Spirit of May

Blessings upon you, blessed Spirit upon whose sweet essence so many individuals among our company have ascended out of the toils of human shadow into the Light of Eternal Day!

We do invoke the stimulating Presence of your radiation to flow through the souls of humanity, resuscitating their spiritual selves which contain so much of the beauty and glory of God's Kingdom!

In this season when the Nature Kingdom expresses so fully the glory of renewed life, beauty and perfection, let humankind also experience the joy of a “rebirth”-- each man a God -- each woman a Goddess -- each child a potential Cherubim of Light!

Many of us remember the month of May as a month of personal liberation and victorious God freedom! We ask that all humanity may be sensitized enough to accept that which you offer and then utilize your ascending rhythm to rise all limitations into full freedom!

Thomas Printz