Assimilation and Expansion of the Electronic Pattern

February 1988


ELECTRONIC PATTERN: A Spiraling Column of Gold Flame giving off dazzling rays (like a sparkler) as it enfolds the chela's world - it is saturated with the Wisdom and Understanding of the Holy Presence of God "I AM".

Beloved Children of God, I greet you in the Name of the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe. You have chosen, through your very presence in this Endeavor, to become a part of the activity by which we may acquaint the outer consciousness of humanity with the Truth of Life. It is also our desire to bring to the attention of the race, the knowledge of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the conscious part which may be rendered by every incarnate lifestream and every soul waiting the privilege of securing an Earth body. Thus may they redeem their own personal karma by drawing back through the flame within their hearts the miscreations of the centuries, making of this Earth a beautiful shining star of Freedom which will have attained the right and honor of a permanent place in the Solar System, one of the beads in the great Cosmic necklace around the Sun behind the Sun.

We have loved this Earth. We have chosen to forego our own greater happiness and freedom on other planets. When we were given the opportunity of stepping into the heart of the Ascension and passing into Nirvana, we chose to renounce that bliss and freedom to work among you and with you in an endeavor to make of everyman a God, of every lifestream a glorious Song of Life and Light, and of every heart a Chalice in which burns freely the Immortal Flame of God. In this way, the glorious Divine Pattern and Plan of the Christ will be made manifest through each heart. It will reveal the mastery which the beloved Jesus, and other Masters well known to your outer consciousness, have achieved through the same self-conscious endeavor which we ask you to incorporate into your daily living.

Beloved ones, on the way to mastery, everyone comes to a place on the Path when he no longer looks for the teacher without, but he begins to turn to the still small voice that is within. He then begins to rely solely on intuition, next upon inspiration and later still, upon a conscious contact with the Presence, which precedes self-conscious Mastery and Divine freedom from all human concepts and all human form.

I wish to give you the prompting that always by the side of the earnest seeker will stand a Brother or Sister of the Golden Robe, if you choose to invite him. As you proceed into an understanding of the Voice of the Silence, you will know that anything which makes you humble, anything which makes you selfless, anything which make you loving, anything which makes you harmonious, is prompted by God. The feelings that stir within your heart that desire to make of this star a planet of light, relieve the burden of your fellowmen, to raise those in pain and distress into understanding and harmony, that is of Light! That which decreases the personality and increases the power of the Christ, IS OF GOD! Ponder my words and my feelings!







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