The Temple of Wisdom and Understanding

Master Kuthumi

Kashmir India

Within the heart of the gently rolling hills of Kashmir, in Northern India, Beloved Kuthumi will draw around him those chelas and students particularly interested in becoming Teachers of Men. Here, under the vaulted dome of Heaven, the Masters of the Golden Robe open their Hearts to the pupils who have responded to the magnetic pull of Love Divine, and who choose to fan the fires of the Great Ones whose particular Service to Life is to prepare the consciousness of the dedicated lifestreams to carry the Word of God, his Nature, and his Purpose to the children of Earth.

Whether under the Light of the Sun, or the gentle radiance of the Moon, the chosen Vales of Kashmir, with their carpets of emerald green studded with the beautiful flowers of the East, the blue waters of her lakes, the harmony of the bird song, lend themselves to the sweetness that is the embodied Nature of Beloved Kuthumi, as he intensifies the feeling and Substance of the Nature of the Cosmic Christ, which is the Radiation of Beloved Lord Buddha (Lord Maitreya), and conveys that Nature to the aspirants who drink in his every Word, in reverence and gratitude.

Throughout all the twenty-four hour cycle, Brothers of The Golden Robe, authorized by Lord Maitreya, are in attendance, and from all over the world there come, in their inner bodies, the lifestreams interested in education in any phase of teaching, secular or religious, and in the Wisdom of the Brothers, each such aspirant is placed in a group whereby his own particular interest is being discussed and developed by One of the Illumined Ones who has Ascended the Ladder of Evolution upon the same Ray as the pupil who becomes his charge.

There are circles of yellow-robed figures seated around the Holy Men of Eastern Evolution, others are listening to the Seers and Poets and Saints of every race and clime. Advanced chelas, as well as Masters, offer to assist in developing the consciousness of those who have applied to the Throne of God for Illumination of their outer consciousness regarding the Divine Will, as expressed through the Second Ray.

Humanity is always drawn toward the central focus which has formed the vibration of their waking consciousness... Thus the souls of men are magnetized by these Spiritual Centers, when the heart and mind, and the feelings desire so earnestly to find truth and understanding, even while the outer self is pursuing the seemingly mundane tasks of 'making a living'. Although these Teachers of Angels and men pursue this Spiritual Course all through the years, the intensification of the Magnetic Power of the Cosmic Christ will make it possible for so many more to visit these Councils, as the attention of The Brotherhood and humankind are all drawn toward the Hills and Vales of Kashmir and toward their Illustrious Guardians during the Thirty Day period, when the Master Kuthumi becomes Host to the World.


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