The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 10, Number 43                                                                                            October 25, 1988


Lady Mercedes:

I will raise you raise you up on Eagleís Wings and you will soar like a Dove.

Beloved Ones, Beloved Neptune tells us that the fear of the Water Element is due to having suffered, or of having caused others to suffer, through the misuse of this element. He advises us: "The emotional body of mankind will find such relief from discomfort as students call upon the Law of Forgiveness for the misuse of the Water Element.

Bless it consciously and accept the offer of Its cooperation now in establishing Saint Germainís permanent Golden Age upon this Earth. The Water Element in your physical bodies will also be purified and much of the distress of the physical vehicles will be removed. We are ready and willing, and but await your call to assist you.

MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE WATER ELEMENT IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT! BLESS IT! See how the Undines and the electrons within the substance of water respond to you! Jesus mastered the Water Element because He had first mastered His own emotional world."

In response to Beloved Neptuneís instructions, I ask that you give the following decree to purify the water element.

Beloved Presence of God "I AM" and Beloved Astrea, draw within Your Circle and Sword of Blue Flame every etheric record of distress caused by the misuse of the Water Element by me and each and every one of mankind since the creation of human discord on our Earth. Blaze the Violet Fire of Freedom's love through it and TRANSMUTE it all into perfection and the Victory of the Divine Plan fulfilled. We thank you.

Accept my deep gratitude for your loving cooperation, as I hold you always in the palm of my hand.

Your Divine Mother

Lady Mercedes