The Shamballa Letter 

VOLUME 10 Number 42                                                                                                                       October 18, 1988 


Lady Mercedes:

I will raise you raise you up on Eagleís Wings and you will soar like a Dove.

Children of My Heart, I ask you now to send a Ray of Love into the Element of Water, which is the focus of our study now. Beloved Neptune and Lunara are the Directors of the Water Element, and the Inhabitants of this element are called Undines.

Beloved Neptune tells us: "Lunara and I chose to respond to the call of Helios and Vesta and offer Our services in the creation of the planet Earth. Because of certain momentums and affinities, We were chosen to create and govern the Water Element, which forms a cushion for the landed surface of the Earth. As well, it forms the greater part of your physical garments and your emotional bodies as well.

The vibratory action of substance required for the Water element of the Earth at the time of creation was much more rapid than it is today. The waters of the beautiful oceans, lakes and rivers were crystalline, pure and iridescent. The waters literally "sang" and added to the music of the Earthís beautiful atmosphere. The Undines were happy to serve in such a beautiful element and truly all was peace in the Kingdom in which We served.

The peoples of the Earth loved the water and enjoyed its purifying and refreshing service. As well, they sailed happily and joyously upon its surface. In turn, the Undines and the electrons that made up the Water Element loved mankind and enjoyed serving them. Water is ordained by the God of ALL as a Friend to man! Is man such a friend to the Water Element? Ponder upon this!"

Children, I ask that you pause here and call for the transmuting Violet Flame to enter the etheric records of the waters of the Earth. May it dissolve the cause and core of all distress caused by manís misuse of this Blessed Element.

I thank you!..... and I hold you lovingly in the Palm of My Hand.

Your Divine Mother

Lady Mercedes







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