The Shamballa Letter  

VOLUME 9, Number 41                                                                                                 October 11, 1988


Lady Mercedes:

I will raise you raise you up on Eagle’s Wings and you will soar like a Dove.

Dear Children, Beloved Aries tells us that mankind has not known or even touched the hem of the garment of the power that is within his capacity to draw from the Air and the Ethers the nourishment, the spiritual stimulus, the eternal youth and beauty, and the vitality and Fire that awaits the magnetic pull of his free will. He has only begun to expand these qualities through his four lower vehicles.

She further says: "In the Air you have the elements required to sustain the human form, to vitalize it, to quicken the vibratory action of the electrons within it, and to redeem it. Experience if you will, and I shall assist you in bringing rhythm which you once knew back into the etheric body, back into the emotional and mental bodies, for when you abide within the natural rhythm of your Being, you can know no tension, no distress, disease or limitation of any kind."

I ask you to work with the following Decree, and I will assist you as you draw forth the power of the Sacred Fire, and expand and project It forth into the Blessed Element of Air.


Beloved Presence of God "I AM" in me, and all mankind, Beloved Aries and Thor, we, bless and thank You. We bless the Northwinds, Southwinds, Eastwinds, Westwinds, and the Sylphs of the Air who are Your Messengers, asking that all destructive activities of the Air be transmuted by the Violet Transmuting Flame. We thank you!


Beloved Aries closes Her instruction with: "Lovely friends, Breathe the Air deeply; Love oh, Love the Spirit of the Air, and know that Aires and Thor are with you to respond to your every call."

I bless you for your assistance, Dear Ones, as I hold you in the Palm of My Hand.

Your Divine Mother

Lady Mercedes







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