The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 10, Number 40                                                                                                     October 3, 1988 


Lady Mercedes:

I will raise you raise you up on Eagleís Wings and you will soar like a Dove.

Beloved Aries continues with Her instruction, by giving you information about the activity of Her Divine Complement, Beloved Thor: "Beloved Thor moves the great "air masses" to points where they are needed most, providing cooling breezes for those sweltering in humid heat, filling the sails of boats becalmed on tideless seas, directing the purifying energies of the Northwind that carries the beautiful gifts of the Elohim of Purity ĺ snow ĺ to blanket and nourish portions of Earthís surface preparatory to a new harvest.

Thor directs the precipitating clouds that carry the necessary moisture to arid areas on the Eastwind; He directs the soft warm breezes on the Southwind and the moisture absorbing currents that etherealize excessive precipitation, dry up waters that are in the wrong place and return the rivers to their natural size.

My service is to provide the Essence of Air! Like Neptune and Virgo, the ages have required that I lower the vibratory action of the electrons that make up the Air Element so that the lungs of man could absorb, utilize and benefit by it. Beloved Thorís activity is to move that Air in kindness and wisdom, under Godís direction, wherever it is necessary to give the greatest blessings to the Earth and Its evolution.

 "I AM" REAL! I AM YOUR FRIEND! BELOVED THOR IS REAL! HE IS YOUR FRIEND! The Sylphs are real... they want to be your friends and have, despite so much ingratitude upon the part of mankind, proven their willingness to serve by making and keeping the atmosphere of Earth pure enough to sustain life.

When you hear or read of vortices of destructive nature attempting to manifest at any point on Earthís surface, Call to Us! Ask for Our Assistance and see how quickly We will come to the aid of those for whom you call!"

Beloved Ones, I AM holding you in the Palm of My Hand, assisting you in your understanding.


Your Divine Mother

Lady Mercedes







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