Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin


Volume 6, No. 24                                                                                        Sept. 15, 1957


Blessed Children: 

Today, viewing the turbulent emotions of mankind, I feel impelled once more to remind the students of the importance of the Emotional Body. 

The activity of the Holy Spirit is to develop the Emotional Body of the chela to a point where creation becomes co-existent with desire. 

The Ego* - the Archetype - the "I AM" Presence, in a peculiar manner works with the Godhead in the creation of the Seven Bodies, which are to be its instrument of perfect, expression. The bodies are designed with the help of the Cosmic Ego, and they are essential to expression and activity as are hands and feet to the fulfillment of the Mind, though the long and complicated process of evolving and developing the envelopes in the Etheric, Mental and Emotional Planes requires many centuries of Life experience by the Spirit before the first physical incarnation takes place. 

When it was said that a race, new-born, stepped out of the womb of Time upon the Planet Earth, this statement was a fallacy, for every Soul has lived many thousands of centuries upon Planets of the Inner Spheres wherein they developed the Etheric and Holy Christ Selves in the heart. It was only when these were developed that the Ego then directed its thought and creative powers into the physical substance of Earth, drawing from the Water, Air and Earth for the formation of the lower vehicles. 

As the Ego, or Archetype, supervises the development of the physical body, and the growth of the hands and feet and organism, so does the Ego supervise the development of these Inner Bodies required to give their full expression and ultimately endow that lifestream with the powers of co-creation - equal to God. 

Under the Third to Seventh Rays come the mighty Chohans, whose province it is to develop the Emotional natures or bodies of the people of Earth, and chelas who are proceeding under the supervision and direction of Chohans Three to Seven, inclusive, will find all their experience revolving around the expansion and balance, the strength and Light of the Emotional vessel. 

Students under my Supervision are required to experience a five-fold development, whereas those who are proceeding under any one of the single Rays will receive only one-fifth of such training and such testing, but will receive likewise only one-fifth of such unfoldment. To come under the direction of the Paraclete is one of the most difficult probations, because in one life five times the usual pressure is brought to bear in every possible emotional experience. 

The strength, the size, the quality, the Light of the Emotional Body determines wholly and solely how much influence an individual lifestream has on the forward progress of the race. The greatest intellect, the most perfect physical body, the most divinely designed Ego, has no power of creation except through the instrument of his Emotional Body nothing has, or ever will come into being in any sphere except through the Emotional Body of some Cosmic or Solar Lord down through the Elemental Kingdom. 

The Feeling Activity of Life, which is the Motherhood of God, is the only facet wherein the fertile consciousness of the Mind can be coalesced into form and exist as an individual expression. As a man cannot signify his desire without the instrument of lip and tongue and hand, so can not the greatest intellect in the Universe (even the Solar might of the First Ray) signify and manifest activity without the full use of the feeling Nature. Occult studies and the records on the Book of Time have shown the majority of mankind to have achieved great mental awareness, but the Planet Earth is the crucible in which the Feeling Nature must be developed, strengthened, purified and made an instrument consciously utilized to project God-Thought into form. 

As one uses the hand to execute the thought in writing or service to Light, and as the hand is the symbol of power in the feeling world, the chelas of the Third Ray must come to an understanding that the development of a controlled Emotional vehicle is not only the way of Mastery - but is the specific reason for identification with my lifestream.

Love and Blessings,



(*Note: The word Ego here refers to the "I AM" Presence not the outer ego. Since these instructions were given our Lord Maha Chohan has taken over direct supervision of the Seven Chohans not only the Third but through to Seventh.)







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