Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin


Volume 6, No. 23                                                                                            Sept. 8, 1957


Beloved Children of God,

As Divine Love is essential to any permanent God success, I present the words, radiation and Presence of my beloved son Paul, spoken on Transmission Flame Class evening August 17th, 1957. I know you will profit by this instruction.

Love and Blessings,


Beloved Paul – The Venetian: 

Beloved and Blessed Ones who seek to have the Law of Love manifest in your individual and collective worlds, "I AM" come to give you an understanding of what that Divine Love really is, in feeling and in practical service to God, the Angelic Host, all mankind, the elemental kingdom and every living thing. 

Love is usually considered ephemeral. It is thought of as something of a sentimental nature. Love (so-called) is limited by the average human being, to certain lifestreams with whom, through karma, the individual, is surrounded temporarily and for whom they have developed a passing attraction. Now, the Divine Love that governs this universe, that holds this very planet in its position in space, that forms the matrix in the heart of Pelleur's Kingdom, forming the magnetic pull for the elements of earth, water, air and sunshine in and around the planet, is so far above and beyond the human concept of Love that it can scarcely be spoken of in the same treatise or instruction. 

You have been told that Divine Love is the cohesive power of the universe; that it is the power which holds in form every created thing which is to be of benefit to mankind, the universe or to the galaxy. Love is also the natural radiation which should expand from the matrix or heart-center of every created thing and form an aura of protection around such a creation. Divine Love is dual in its aspect; it is the power of cohesion (centripetal Force) and the power of radiation (centrifugal Force). It contains within itself the power of magnetizing God's Virtues and the power of directing the qualified God-energy for a specific purpose to fulfill the Will of God through Helios and Vesta, the Silent Watcher of your planet Earth or any Divine Being, including your own "I AM" Presence and Holy Christ Self. 

Through God's Almighty Love, desiring to share himself by creating individual Spirit Sparks in his own image and likeness, he endowed these Spirit-Sparks with free will to use Light - as much of that pure Electronic Light and Love as each individualized Spirit-Spark requires. The Love of Almighty God gave free will to these created individualized I AM Presences to pass through the Seven Spheres of Perfection without even an admonition on his part as Creator as to what they should do, where they should stay, what lessons they should learn and what their particular obligation to him would be. 

Is there any unascended human parent who gives that freedom? Maybe they do in the outer sense, but in the feelings and in the mind. There is no unascended human parent who gives the freedom that Almighty God has given to you and which he have to me - to take of his Light, become co-creator with him, and then go forth into the great universe and use that Light according to the dictates of our own free will, loving us enough so that, when we were finished with all of the experiences which created the chaos and confusion (the Maya which you, blessed students, are consuming); he always says, "You are forgiven, here is the Violet Fire! Use it for yourselves! Set your worlds in order! Complete what service you are to render in this world of form. "Then come HOME, my children, for I LOVE you". No condemnation; no judgment; only the everlasting arms of God – waiting, hoping and praying for the ultimate redemption of every lifestream belonging to this evolution, unascended, every imprisoned Angel, every bit of elemental life, the substance of the earth, the water and the air to be redeemed to their pure estate. 

The Father of you and the Father of me, the Father of all of us who belong to this evolution who have offered to serve in its progress has never interfered with our free will. It is only when man comes to the end of the experiences of Earth, and finds that the fruit on the various paths in his pursuit of happiness is bitter, that he begins to ask what is the Father's business! Then the spiritual partnership begins, for the Father is very courteous and awaits the invitation of each soul which has free will. Many Great Beings, enjoying that free will, feeling the pulsation of the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame within their hearts, as the individualized White Fire Being was created, chose to remain in the aura of the Father's Court and go no further. These Celestial Ones add to the beauty of that Cosmic Court, the Electronic belt around the physical Sun, and that was their choice of free will. 

Many others chose to direct the individualized I AM Presences from the White Fire Beings creating the activity of the Twin Flames, each dwelling for a time in the First Realm, still close to the Father's Heart. Then because they have free will, the Twin Flames did not always choose to experiment in the same Sphere. Some went further afield into the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Spheres, while one remained in the First Sphere. There was diversity then in the creation of Light in the Causal Bodies of even the Twin Rays. Why? Because whatever Sphere you dwelt in for the longest time before you took embodiment formed the greatest band of Light in your Causal Body. If one Twin Ray remained in the First Sphere and drew the Blue Ray of power and faith, and the other Twin Ray enjoyed the administration of peace and healing in the Sixth Sphere, the Causal Body of one would have a large band of the First Sphere and the other Twin Ray would have the large band of the Ruby Ray of the Sixth Sphere. Now, that would make a difference in the very beginning before embodiment on this planet Earth took place. 

The Root Manu of each Root Race doesn’t choose individuals because they are nice looking or because they have certain names or come from certain different planets or spheres. The Root Manu chooses for embodiment with his Root Race (both as Guardian Spirits as well as individuals who are going to enjoy the Earth as a schoolroom) those whose Causal Bodies denote the widest band of color which is akin to that which the Root Race and the sub-races are going to require and outpicture in this physical appearance world. 

The Root Manu waits until there are collected those individuals who have passed through the Seven Inner Spheres and who have developed seven bands of Light in the Causal Body. Then he looks over the width of the bands of color to see which is widest. Your Sixth Root Manu would naturally draw to him, both as Guardian Spirits and the Spirit Sparks that belong to the Sixth Root Race, those who have the largest band of the Ruby Ray which is the Sixth Ray... That is a beautiful pink color, not very deep, deep rose. Then individuals who have volunteered to come from other spheres, for instance the little Buddhas for whom you have been so kindly decreeing. They too, had to go to the Root Manu, and if their Ruby Sphere is not large enough they are not admitted during the activity while the Sixth Root Manu is completing his service. The Sixth Root Manu controls, directs and guides seven sub-races under him. As we have told you they are coming in rhythmically. The Seventh-Root Manu, (the Great Divine Director), has so far allowed only one lifestream into embodiment. That life-stream had a predominant band of Violet which, of course, will be the Ray of the Seventh Root Race and its sub-races. So the Buddhas who await embodiment (unless they come in under the Great Divine Director) will be predominantly active in the development of the Ruby Ray in their Causal Bodies. That is, the largest band of color in their Causal Bodies will be the Ruby Ray. If they are embodying through the Great Divine Director's Intercession, they will come in because the Causal Body has a large band of Violet. 

All of you came here long ago...So many ages ago that I cannot record it in years of time! You went through the Seven Spheres some place; not necessarily those connected with the planet Earth. You came from other planetary systems; other stars; other suns, but some place you developed a Causal Body. When the Godhead who create you (whether it was Alpha and Omega, Helios and Vesta, or others directing Primal Life Essence into electronic light, and creating an Immortal Three-Fold Flame, endowed with self-conscious intelligence) he at the same time directed electronic light, which is Intelligence, to obey that Flame.

Thus form was created (in the image and likeness of the parents who bore it) with a White Fire Being pulsating around the Immortal Three-Fold Flame. The first activity of this White Fire Being was a cognizance of Individualization. The realization of that sense of being, I AM was the first activity of the Individual Flame - a realization as it felt and said I AM. That was the first expression of the Individualized White Fire Being. The White Fire Being enjoyed just being for a while; as a newborn baby enjoys just being until it adjusts and accepts the environment and its service to humanity. Then as it began to see the response of Electronic Light to thought and feeling, and as it began to look upon the parents who created it, the Angels, the Devas and the Masters in that Realm that White-Fire Being realized that it had a reason for being besides just living in almost an embryonic state of bliss, adoring God, absorbing Light, and radiating it forth. That was the stirring then of the motivating power by which the White Fire Being either decided to serve without separating into the Twin Rays to form the two "I AM" Presences and come forth into the Seven Spheres for experience. 

Until the White Fire Being and the individualized "I AM" Presences (Two for each White Fire Being remember) began to use thought and feeling, and to create, the Causal Body was pure white light. When you return to the Heavenly Realm you will easily be able to distinguish those Beings who never came out from the bosom of the Father from those who have served and are surrounded by the aureole of the Seven Colors in the Causal Body, because countless hundreds of thousands of these exquisite Beings just remained right there in that beautiful Heavenly Realm. I don't blame them; I don't think you do either, having come so far. They do not develop those magnificent colors which are similar to the stripes that a member of the Armed Forces gains when in service to his country. Those who did choose so to come; built into their Causal Body a particular momentum of power, depending on the length of time each one stayed in each of the Seven Spheres. You had already a developed Causal Body before you came to Earth. Most of your Twin Rays are Ascended Beings. Some of them never came forth into embodiment, and those who did come forth have successfully returned home. That is really the only reason for your constancy in this activity; the tremendous magnetic pull of the free part of you that stands guard over your life  streams constantly and will not allow the pull of the outer, the weariness of the  soul or the lethargy of the flesh to allow you to return into the mass-consciousness  again! 

The activity of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, of course, will be predominant upon the planet Earth for the next two thousand year cycle into which we have entered. It will be an Era of great perfection and those of you who have come into embodiment to serve the Ascended Master Saint Germain will never know his gratitude to you individually for your use of the Violet Fire and your sincere and determined endeavors to remove the cause and core of distress of every kind at inner levels, to restore the Earth and all upon it, and within it, to the pristine purity and perfection which it had when mankind first was given the privilege of embodying here. 

Therefore, although you have come under the radiation and into the service of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, you are not necessarily all Seventh Ray people. Now, get this clear please, dear hearts, you may belong to any one of the Rays, but you have developed a sufficient momentum of the Violet Fire in your Causal Bodies to be accepted by the Lords of Karma and Saint Germain to assist in this great New Era! Somewhere, sometime, you did develop extraordinary powers of invocation, transmutation and divine alchemy. I congratulate you on so doing. Let us all now, together assist him and Beloved Portia in this Cosmic Hour.





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