Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin


Volume 6, No. 17                                                                                                           July 28, 1957


Beloved children of God seeking Illumination upon your paths, spiritual and secular:

I present herewith Kuthumiís description of the actual activities which took place at the Temple of Illumination in the Retreat of the God and Goddess Meru. Both the God Meru (Manu of the Sixth Root Race) and Lord Himalaya (Manu of the Fourth Root Race) spoke at the transmission flame class but, because of the tremendous power, depth of instruction and light released, I AM presenting their addresses in succeeding bulletins so that you, dear gentle readers, may not have spiritual indigestion. God bless you for seeking the Light. Until we meet at God Meru's Retreat,

Love and Blessing,



Beloved Kuthumi

Transmission, July 20th. 1957 

Following in the footsteps of such illustrious Beings makes it difficult for me to add any verbal instruction about the Illumination's Flame except the blessings of my Love and my earnest request that you use that portion of understanding which is mine and which I would like so much to share with you in giving to you and understanding heart, an understanding heart, an understanding heart! 

Tonight high in the great Andes' Mountains gather the great and illustrious Ones from all of the Suns of the Systems to give honor and cognizance to Illumination's Flame. The Great God and Goddess Meru stand within the center of that rock hewn chamber wherein is Illumination's Flame, the center of all Flames being pure white, then the beautiful gold with the pink radiance, wherein that Flame rises through the cave and disappears into the atmosphere, yet which radiates out through the ethers for the blessing of mankind. 

The God and Goddess Meru are magnificent Beings and they wear golden robes of a substance like very fine silk, it is embroidered around the cuffs and the hem of their long garments with pink roses which are symbolic, you know, of the Messengers of Meru, On the left breast, just over the heart, is the beautiful pink rose also symbolic of Meru's Retreat. The Lady Goddess Meru has golden hair and she wears it flowing down. It comes almost to her knees bound by a plain gold band upon her forehead from which there rises a large golden flame which takes the form of a jewel of light. The God Meru wears the exact same garment only his hair falls only to his shoulders and it turns slightly under at the shoulder and he wears the complement of the band that his Goddess wears with a pink jeweled Flame in the center. 

The seating arrangements, as you know, in this Retreat are very informal. There are cushions. It is designed in the fashion of the East - individual cushions and those Divine Beings and Ascended Master friends and chelas who are within the Retreat are seated mostly in the Buddhist pose you know, crossed legged in meditation. Some who come from the West are seated on the cushions just as you would normally sit, with their feet before them. However, the chamber itself does not hold more than about three hundred individuals and of course as the attention of more and more of the students is being drawn to these Retreats it is necessary to ever expand the actual seating capacity. So the great God and Goddess Meru allowed the Brotherhood of Illumination to tunnel out a vein of pure gold on either side of the Retreat so that the Retreat looks now like a Sun with two wings on it - one on either side. In those two side wings there is room for the greater numbers who come who are readers of THE BRIDGE and who come in consciousness to the Retreats. Most of them don't like the cushions so the God and Goddess Meru have put chairs in on those side wings, so the Western students can have the blessing of comfort to which they are accustomed. You will find the Ascended Masters are always most gracious. If you want a lounge or a cushion or if you want a throne it is alright as long as is in good taste and in harmony and gives you the best possible spiritual connection with your God. So there are chairs for those who want chairs and beautiful cushions for those who are accustomed to them. 

Present is the great Regent Sanat Kumara who entered the Retreat about ten minutes ago and he comes in the purple garments, he wears as the Regent of the planet Earth and he participates in the activity of protection to Lord Gautama who does not usually enjoy the actual participation in ceremonial. Gautama, of course, has been here for an hour on his cushion and is away off in cosmic space adoring the Illumination Flame, so beloved Sanat Kumara steps in to render the service leading the processional. Behind him comes the new Buddha, whom you know as Lord Maitreya, then our Lord Maha Chohan and other members of the Ascended Host of Light. 

Above South America the great amphitheatre is built in the same activity - it looks like a Sun with the wings on it and it is as large as the South American continent. That is presided over by the great Archangels. It was created by the Builders of Form and the Angels and Devas of Ceremony. Into it come those from the sleepers Realm; those from the former Compound; all disembodied individuals; all individuals while their bodies sleep who earnestly and sincerely desire God Illumination. As they turn their attention to this Flame you can feel it now. Please, if you feel a sense of lightness in your head, know it is because of the combination of the two great Rays which have been drawn into this room, supplemented by the lesser and the third ray of my humble self. 

Because the activity is so tremendous tonight; we ask you to turn your attention to that Flame for a moment and then I would suggest that you limit your combined breathing to ten minutes because of the acceleration of the energies in your four lower bodies. The beloved Morya tells me to ask for special God protection to sustain the radiation that you draw tonight as you return to your respective orbits. So please now so to do!