Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin


Volume 6, No. 14                                                                                                           July 7, 1957


Loving Hearts seeking Freedom:

It is my privilege and pleasure again to relinquish my place to our most gracious Lady Nada who has a special message of interest for you.

Love and Blessing,



Beloved Nada 

Dearly beloved ladies and gentlemen seeking the gracious way of living, you who desire among all things to be the expression of the Lord Saint Germain, to you I come to bring the radiance of Pure, Divine Love - that Love which envelops the feeling nature, enters into the mind, melts away the etheric bitterness and even gives solace to the flesh structure impersonally. 

For many ages I have been trained along the line of developing the potential good within life and have worked, as you know, long before the Ascension, under the beloved Charity, to endeavor to overcome those personal feelings of the outer self that desire to be perfect in themselves and are not always so eager to see, cognize, encourage and develop perfection in others. 

In New Bedford some few years ago I told the story of that life when I was one of a group of daughters, all of whom were talented and could perform so magnificently and receive such applause.* I used to feel within myself inadequate at that time... until the beloved Charity helped me to learn that I could increase my power of Love by increasing their talents, bringing to mind, of course, the statement I shall decrease (the outer) that thou shall increase. 

Now you think, looking back over those long ages, it was not so difficult for a small child to spend all the prayer hour in the silence pouring out impersonally the Love to my talented sisters - increasing beyond their own potential worth those gifts of voice and art, and they, developing in that grace, never knew that through my teacher and my own endeavor to be self-less and sincere in giving of my light to their virtues and talents that their gifts were increased beyond that which they would ordinarily have known. Then I really earned the name of Nada, which to some means "nothing". I learned to overcome jealousy. Jealousy, which, spawned out of fear and insecurity, lies within the soul of the unredeemed. To my delight, seeing my sisters grow in beauty and in grace, I of course, was growing in that selfless capacity to serve wherein later I would be utilized by the Cosmic Law to help other lifestreams who had to work particularly in communities, spiritual and secular. 

For many ages I have been assigned to assist the spiritual communities that exist all over the planet Earth. Since the Christian Dispensation and the great manifestation of Jesus' Victory and Ascension, I was assigned the joy of working through the Superiors of all the Orders that were developed around the Christian Doctrine, and whenever possible establish that focus of Love which would sustain a community against the imprint of personal imperfection. That is why some of you have wondered it was so easy for me to accept the opportunity of becoming the Chohan of the Sixth Ray. 

The length of time a lifestream has to be ascended is not taken into account with regard to qualification for Chohanship. The momentum of a certain quality in the Causal body, an affinity of energy with the previous Chohan, and a certain capacity to fill a requirement is all that is required by the Cosmic Law. Some of us, you would say, step down into an Order and some step up. For us, you see, there is no such thing as standing back because of the prestige of years or ages of service, and when Jesus and Kuthumi were given the opportunity to rise, and under the tutelage of the previous World Teacher, begin their great service as World Teachers, I asked the Law if I might, through my affinity with Christianity, be privileged to be the Chohan for the time being of this Sixth Ray, which is the Ray of Ministration, Understanding and Grace, and works very closely, of course, with the Venetian and the Brotherhood on the Third Ray. 

That will give you some explanation for my reason for accepting this position (temporary Chohan of the Sixth Ray). You are aware that the Chohans are Offices, and the individuals who become Chohans change from time to time. As we are on the path of evolution and progress on the scale of life, the great Beings such as Sanat Kumara and Gautama all are rising in consciousness and expanding in Light. As yet there is no one ready to hold the Office of the Second Ray, and the Beings who are meeting at the Teton, I believe, will have some instruction about who shall occupy that office. Of course it is still supervised by Kuthumi. 

I thank you for the privilege of this visit with you, and enfold you, each one, in my love. 




(* Address Beloved Nada refers to is in Booklet #1 - Fourth series.)






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