Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin


Volume 5, No. 48                                                                                              February 24, 1957


Beloved children of God:

I bless you for being interested in drawing the rays of Purification and of Truth into the emotional, mental, etheric and physical worlds of all in the Earth, on the Earth and in its atmosphere. I give you herewith a digest of Beloved Serapis Bey’s instruction on Transmission Class Evening (February 16th, 1957).

Love and Blessings,


 Serapis Bey 

Now tonight we are honored to have the radiation of the focus of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth at Luxor. As you know, last month beloved Gautama, the new Lord of the world, in honor of Truth and of Purity, called Hilarion and myself to him and gave us first and second places and the Spiritual map for the year, in order that there might be anchored into the emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies of all mankind as much of Truth and as much of Purity as is possible. 

Since the fifteenth of February the brothers and sisters of the various Retreats have been coming toward Luxor, some in consciousness, some in their inner bodies and of course the Ascended Masters and God-Free Beings in their glorious Electronic Light Bodies. Many of the God-Free Beings and those of your loved ones who have made the Ascension have utilized the services at Luxor as well as many of the other Masters including blessed Jesus, so when everyone who has ascended, has been helped to that ascension by the Ascension Flame, every such a one brings a certain gratitude in the energy of his world as he turns his attention towards Luxor. You will know that same gratitude one day when you pass through the veil into the Realms of Light; you will know what it means to feel the gratitude within your heart, when you know that you are free from the wheel, of birth and death and that gratitude becomes part of your Causal Body; part of your own lifestream; part of the buoyancy which is Eternal Youth. 

So as these Beings come back toward us each brings the memory of their own individual ascension; Jesus bringing the memory of his ascension and all the glory that surrounded him as that magnificent event transpired in the physical appearance world; Saint Germain bringing his memory of his ascension from the heart of the Transylvania mountains and every other Being who has ascended before or since. If they did not ascend at Luxor, there was always a Sponsor from Luxor, either a lady or a gentleman belonging to our brotherhood who assisted them to that Victory as they entered into the Ascended Master Realm. 

It reminds us of the joy that we all have when we enter Shamballa at the end of the year, as the Masters return to Luxor they come with joy and laughter, and gratitude. The chelas who are unascended who have been burned by the disciplines because they did not achieve come with a different consciousness, a consciousness of rebellion and resistance sometimes and a consciousness that all was not fair to them in their training in our retreat. Everyone who is in a classroom and doesn't make the grade with his class is bound to have some rebellion and so the unascended lifestreams of people who were at Luxor and who have come into embodiment again and are in touch with the power at Luxor, either while their bodies sleep or now that the students know that Luxor is open while their minds are awake are bound to feel a bit of disappointment because of their own previous mistakes, errors and failures. 

We have asked and have been given assistance, particularly of the Archaii, the beloved Hope, to give a sense of buoyancy to every lifestream who is presently working on sublimating those etheric patterns of past mistakes and temporary failure on life's way. There are very many people all over this planet, metaphysicians and occultists and students of the spiritual law who have visited Luxor and passed, as I have described to you often, through one, two, three, four or five initiations in this Retreat and than either failed the discipline or for one reason or other decided that they could not continue in it. These individuals invariably have, as all human beings do, blamed the Retreat, the Hierarch, the Brotherhood, the climate, anything but themselves. That vibratory action is buried in the etheric consciousness. 

As we say in our forthcoming magazine HOPE and as we have discussed so often with Hilarion, when Science realizes that the etheric consciousness and the subconscious mind are one and the same and that this etheric consciousness is a lot older than one embodiment, they will come to a better understanding of the cause and core of distresses and of the effects that appear such as mental, moral, emotional, physical and financial distress. 

You will remember, as described to you, the Temple of Luxor is square made up of columns - great columns of tremendous height - you can visualize them like columns of the Temples of Egypt ages ago. These columns form squares within squares. The innermost square is white and then the columns extend outward in the colors of the rays, like the colors on your Chart. Individuals entering into the Retreat at Luxor to honor the Ascension Flame start at the outside of the Temple and they just walk between the columns - there are no doors of course. Before the individuals is light of various colors. For instance, starting with the outer Court there is just the activity of the violet ray and as the visitor becomes accustomed to it - he may advance into the next corridor if he so desires to do. 

That is the activity with the unascended chela who is drawn toward Luxor. First he sees just the outer columns of the great Temple, and then he sees just before him the beautiful violet light. Some are content to bathe in this violet fire and proceed no further on their spiritual journey. Some of them are content to just enjoy that beautiful radiation; Some do pass through the violet fire into the next band of color (gold) and so on until they come to the pure white light which is the radiation around the Ascension Flame. 

Tonight our guests are the beloved Astraea and the beloved Elohim of Purity. The beloved Astraea is the Divine Complement of the Elohim of Purity, and has been accepted by the Karmic Board, as one of the four Sponsors of 1957. They are our guests tonight in this great Temple, within the innermost square, is the altar co which the Ascension Flame rises. It ascends as beautiful crystal light, so magnificent that the eye of an unascended being cannot even see it, it is so pure. The inner sight, or the eye of an Ascended Being can see the little tiny globules of the Ascension Flame and they are rising upward in constant motion and within them are dancing little beings, little sylphs and salamanders. 

Into this Ascension Flame, there has been directed the prayer force from the whole planet Earth. Every time there is a church service, every time there is an individual prayer, that energy is drawn by the Angels belonging to Raphael’s Legion, Uriel's Legion, and so on and the various Beings purify it and it becomes part of the Ascension Flame. Then it begins to ascend in beautiful rhythm with music within it. I believe that the day will come in the not too far distant future when you can see the dancing joyous activity of the Flame, no matter what particular Flame it is, and you will no longer be afraid of it or consider it so ephemeral. 

In this Ascension Flame is Jesus Christ's Victory, Saint Germain's achievement, the Victory of every One of your ascended Loved Ones. In the Ascension Flame is your own prayer force, all your wonderful decrees and it blazes up into the atmosphere above Egypt, Africa and all over that particular area where the conditions in the physical appearance world seem so chaotic. 

Inside the actual Temple beloved Astraea and the Elohim of Purity stand at either side of the Ascension Flame. They are both in pure snow white. Astraea, as you know, has beautiful golden hair. It is banded with crystalline substance with a blazing diamond jewel upon her forehead. The beloved Elohim of Purity is dressed almost the same both are in long white robes - only the jewel upon his forehead is a beautiful blue sapphire. These Beings radiate tremendous power. The Elohim helped build not only this Earth but the other planets of the system - their power is so tremendous that within the inner square only the Cosmic Beings, the Masters, Ascended Beings and Angels abide. Outside the first set of columns the chelas gather behind their Master and look around the corner of the columns but they do not come too close to that tremendous radiation of the Ascension Flame and the gathering of the Ascended Host. 

Our Lord and Chohan and blessed Pallas Athena are standing - everyone stands at Luxor - we don't have any seats in the Temple (when the instruction is given the chela stands - the Guru is often seated, I myself am seated when interviewing the chela - but the aspirant, the chela, always must stand. This activity has something to do with the light passing through the spinal column). So everyone is standing tonight, including the Maha Chohan and Pallas Athena. It is a very happy, a very joyous occasion. 

I would like to ask our honored guests, the Beloved Elohim of Purity, one of the our great Sponsors for 1957, if he cares to speak into the atmosphere of Earth through the receptive consciousness of these humble people. 

The Elohim of Purity speaks: 

Peoples of Earth! Purity shall abide in, through and around the Earth, its evolutions and every person, place, condition and thing connected with it in any way, I have remained with this Planet Earth, have seen her from her birth in the minds and hearts of Helios and Vesta. I have seen her in the chrysalis within the Body of the Silent Watcher. I have been one of those Builders of Form who helped to draw her out of that chrysalis and womb into manifest form. I have seen the great Amaryllis and Forces of Nature preparing her to become a most beautiful paradise, to be a schoolroom for an evolution destined to choose this Earth as a way to learn the truth of mastering energy and vibration in the physical world. I have witnessed along with the other Elohim through the centuries that have passed, the degradation to which the Earth has presently come and the impurity which has been charged into the elemental life, the inner and physical bodies of mankind and the atmosphere of Earth. It is by decree, in the NAME OF GOD which "I AM" without limit to return this Earth to that state of paradise, to that state of God perfection which she expressed when, smiling in the robes of Spring with the crown of Amaryllis upon her brow, she opened her arms and heart to the first Manu and the first root race in such welcome and with such honor, generosity and grace. 

Oh, I love thee, blessed Earth. When, on that day when thy people didst say they would accept the laggards from the other Stars, if an Elohim could shudder, I would say MY very Being did so shudder, seeing what might result in giving so innocently and yet which would cost life so much. I would say to the beloved peoples of Earth, anybody on the planet Earth who is interested in purifying her, anyone who is interests in releasing water or air or earth or any human being from a distress or imperfection is MY friend and I am with such a one always. IT IS MY REASON FOR BEING. Until there is wiped from this earth the need for hospitals and all such imperfection that have made a travesty of Helios' and Vesta's pattern for this Earth. Beloved Astraea, do you wish to speak? 

Beloved Astraea:  

Ladies and gentlemen, we are a voluntary part of your evolution because we love you. We have the joy of inner sight and through that inner sight we can see the causes and the cores behind the manifest effects that play upon the screen of life and which will play upon it in the future unless they are removed. We are therefore very grateful when we receive the cooperation of even a handful of people who believe in and who can and will take counsel and the instruction that we give, because in so doing when you call for the removal of the cause and the core of certain distresses it gives us freedom in our octave to serve with you. To those of you who have loved me and used my name and have asked me for the assistance in the removal of the cause and core of distress, I give my special blessing. The beloved Elohim of Purity, the Maha Chohan, Pallas Athena and I hope to do much for the planet Earth.

We hope not to be discomforting. We come to bring you Comfort and Truth to set you free. The Maha Chohan said when we met at Luxor, that our cooperative service is to bring such Comfort to this Earth; Comfort and Purity; Comfort through the removal of the cause and core of distress; Comfort through the release of Truth and the removal of bigotry and Comfort through standing with the doors of our Consciousness open so our gifts may be released to you. He always has a way, as you know, of lining up a great many activities which might appear a little frightening to the human mind and presenting them in a way that will not distress anybody. We had the joy of talking with him and we enjoy serving with him and with blessed Pallas Athena too. 

Now we will return you to the blessed Serapis and we would like to say thank you in 1957 for accepting us; remembering us and serving with us. 

Serapis Bey

Thank you beloved Astraea and beloved Elohim of Purity. These great Beings of Light, as Astraea has told you, met with our Lord Maha Chohan and Pallas Athena and they have some beautiful designs and plans for you for your thought and for your use in 1957 if you will accept them and use them. They will be presented to you from time to time and she (Astraea) is willing with her Circle and Sword of Blue Flame to give the assistance and the great Elohim of Purity too. 

In the atmosphere above the Retreat, the amphitheatre is built like a great square - this square is very, very large - it is larger than the Earth itself and it looks like a parchment lantern which fits right down over the Earth. That is the shape of the amphitheatre tonight. It is unusual in the fact that it is not just over Asia and Africa but it completely encompasses the entire globe. Into that amphitheatre the Archangels brings their Friends of Light, the Ascended Masters theirs and the sleepers are brought by their Guardians, the members from the compound are brought by their teachers. 

Tonight all the other Chohans are in crystal garments as well as myself. Beloved Gabriel is serving with the Archangels; Beloved Hope is right within the Ascension Flame and the activity of purification which is theirs to give will commence in a few minutes so if you will just concentrate upon them and that activity of Light it will give me the opportunity to take my place and make the necessary arrangements for the transmission of the Flame from Luxor. Thank you so much.