Thomas Printzí Private Bulletin


Volume 5, No. 45                                                                                                           February 3, 1957


Beloved Children of the Light: 

If a person is thirsty and offers you a cup, your first desire is to fill that cup with some liquid which will satisfy that desire within the individualís vehicles. 

From the time that you fill the cup and return it to him - your responsibility ceases. Whether he drinks it, or whether he spills it away, or whatever use his body forces put that drink to, is not your responsibility, nor does it for the most part require your further attention, your thought or your feeling, except in so far as your making a call for his enlightenment. 

In a similar manner when an individual professes an interest in the Higher Law, and holds out the cup of his consciousness to the Hierarchy, he cannot be denied a release of substance to fill that cup, which usually comes from a Master or a Messenger of the Angelic Kingdom. The cup is filled with the particular need or requirement of the moment. 

When you hold your cup up to your Presence and to the Masters through a prayer, invocation, a decree, or a heartfelt desire, it is immediately filled, because the Law of Life is that a Blessing asked for can never be denied. There is no human being, no matter what the accumulation around the outer self may be, whoever is, or was, or ever will be denied a blessing when the cup is held up for it and the invocation goes forth for such an outpouring. 

The size of the cup determines the gift - not the nature of the supplicant just as when the rain falls the sinner or the saint receives the same amount of substance in the cistern, but the nature of the individual will, determine how much good the blessing will do. 

When the heart signifies to the Higher Self and to the Hierarchy that the individual is desirous of uniting his individual lifestream with the God-design, (whatever it may be), designated for the planet and the race, and when the cup of such an one is lifted up that it may 'be filled to quench the thirst of other wayfarers on the Path, that person is immediately placed upon the rolls of those who are to be graced by super human assistance from the members of the celestial Hierarchy, whose one purpose is to manifest the God-Idea with regard to this Planet and her people. 

The voluntary offering from the heart of the lifestream to a Spiritual CAUSE is a source of great joy and encouragement to the Brotherhood, because it is the voluntary cooperation of the members of the human race that the Brotherhood waits for in order to translate its God-Good into form. As has been said many times, they are not permitted to intrude upon the affairs of men except through the consciousness of individuals yet belonging to unascended mankind, who as a free will offering desire to be the Bridge through which their Design is translated into form. 

So, dear children, hesitate not to hold, up your cups - accept the outpouring from above, and ask that the nourishment released at your calls, both for yourself and others, may be utilized to the very highest possible degree by the respective life-streams, and that their own Holy Christ Self may protect the gifts and hold them for the hour when the Blessing can most readily unfold the growing spiritual soul-center.

Love and Blessings,









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