Summer Conference Address

Beloved Pallas Athena

Shamballa: Long Island, NY, USA

July 11, 1968

Hail, Children of God walking upon the Planet Earth! Hear ye my words! Through the tumultuous sounds of upheaval resounding from the Earth-plane, I have come to you this day to say YOU STAND IN THE PRESENCE OF TRUTH! Accept my Presence here as a Reality! 

Like unto the experiences in Luxor, as I expand the Cosmic Flame of Truth through your beings, externalized in the atmosphere about you will be all the miscreations of the past which have not yet been transmuted by the Sacred Fire. In mercy, however, you do not see these pulsating causes and cores, and if you will accept the tremendous currents of the Violet Transmuting Flame from the Heart of the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Flame of Purity from the Beloved Serapis Bey, we shall, at the close of this Address, go into further action to remove these distortions of Truth still harbored in your worlds. At the same time the mighty Astraea and Lord Michael will go into action in the discarnate realm to free the atmosphere of Earth from as many entities as possible!

This is an absolute necessity, for many of the people on the Earth, and do not be alarmed when I say that the chelas especially, are listening to false voices. 

It is because of your great sincerity, good chelas that we come today to render assistance of a magnitude heretofore unheard of in the Earth's evolution. 

You have been told, and requested repeatedly, to become the Christ in action, and in this process you are being tested, oh so subtly. Beware of the human ego for it is always desirous of rearing its ugly head in a final fling, so to speak. Some individuals have become so involved in the psychic activity that it is necessary that I come into your presence with the dynamic feeling of God Truth to assist you in every way possible so that you will not be ensnared by 'sweet' voices. 

Dear God, Creator of All, free our chelas from the insidiousness of the sinister force! Oh, the wily ways and means of the discarnates who are endeavoring to attach themselves to the chelas whose Light is expanding. When they find a weak spot in your consciousness, they then endeavor to bolster your ego. They masquerade under the guise of Divinity, assuming the pseudo identity of the Cosmic and Ascended Beings! 

Dear children of Light, hear ye me when I say that if anyone among you has fallen prey to the wiles of this nefarious activity, do not become disconsolate or crestfallen but be grateful for the fact that the Members of the Karmic Board love you with such intensity that we decided to come as One Body to assist you in freeing yourselves and the peoples of this Planet of these entities. 

Now, there is quite a difference between listening to the Voice of God, your own Individualized Presence, who is endeavoring to use your vehicles at all times and to give you instruction for your own personal advancement on the Path of Light, and through this God Illumination, enable you to better serve the Spiritual Cause of Freedom. However, when the information or impression you receive tends to persuade you to tell others God has instructed YOU to assist them personally - WATCH OUT! These discarnates know much of Truth and inject just enough of it to ensnare you and get you in their embrace. When they have gotten a firm attachment, they proceed to weave a web of iniquity firmly about you, causing you to become enmeshed in their nefarious activities. However, you have been constant in service and we shall not further tolerate these activities externalizing themselves through any of the chelas belonging to The Bridge to Freedom. The pulse beat of the Earth is anchored in the Heart of Shamballa and those blessed chelas who desire to serve through this avenue of Truth shall be protected! 

I do not tell you this to frighten you or anyone else on the pathway of Light, but to prepare you to be ever on your guard for any bolstering of the human ego. The time is drawing nigh when all of Earth's children will have to face the Members of the Karmic Board. The evolutionary changes about which we have spoken for many years are not in the distant future they are taking place now! According to the sincerity of your purpose can you do much to save and serve the evolutions of this Earth. 

At this crucial time, the discarnates are active with great determination and many who were the cause of the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria are exerting great pressure to hinder the progress of the Planets in this system, the Earth specifically, for she is the one Planet which is not in readiness! While these present discarnates have been given embodiment after embodiment through the ages to make good and render a balance for their nefarious activities of the past and should long since have spent their time between embodiments in the inner realms learning the true use of the Spiritual Law, freed of the encumbrance of a physical garment, they continue in their endeavors to infiltrate the consciousness of those on Earth with their malpractices. They engage in the inversion of the Law, having formerly known how to draw great power from the unseen when they were priests and priestesses of the many Spiritual Orders on the two submerged continents, Atlantis and Lemuria! 

Now, you can help them, and it is your bounden responsibility to do so. The life which beats their hearts is the same life that beats yours and mine! The crux of the matter, however, is that when the Light Energy courses through the four lower vehicles, the etheric patterns of imperfection and desires which have not been transmuted by the Sacred Fire FLARE into action and become an obsession for power. 

I say to you, with all the Dignity and God Power at my command - Light shall Triumph over darkness - and quickly! 

Think you that all the Members of the Karmic Board would come to lend their combined energies were not the seriousness of the hour so grave that it was deemed necessary? After many and prolonged councils, it was considered expedient that we come and cut the peoples of the Earth free from as much of this subversive practice as they will accept! 

I have told you the following before, but it bears repetition, some of the chelas under our direction think there are no longer discarnate entities roaming about the Earth's atmosphere! Some time ago, a dispensation was granted by our Council to Lord Michael to remove the entities in, through and around the Earth's atmosphere BUT that dispensation did not say: "and all other discarnate entities from this day forward." There are additional discarnates from the physical garments peopling the astral realm in every twenty-four hours. 

I firmly believe that if you think this through you will see and be impressed by the Truth of which I speak. 

Oh beloved ones, how I long to take every dear child on Earth, and in her atmosphere, and draw them into the Flaming Presence of Truth within my Being, and I decree that this I shall do now or later, for I shall remain in the Earth's atmosphere until every soul belonging to or abiding hereon has come into my Presence to be baptized in Truth! 

There is a line in one of your songs which states "Truth is so precious to me". I counsel you to get that affirmation into your feelings until it becomes an actuality, and when it does, you will know how wonderful Godís Truth is. 

The time has now come for the close of this talk with you and I shall request that you sing the words of "Truth is so precious to me," and then in quiet and grateful silence, as the music is again played, you will be the beneficiaries of this freeing activity of purification, as Beloved Saint Germain, Serapis Bey, Lady Astraea and Lord Michael, and their Legions of Light, go into action to remove as many of the discarnates as is possible from the atmosphere of Earth! This process will continue through the twenty-four hour period! 

If you will accept this activity, I shall render every possible assistance in my humble efforts to set you free from the human and place your feet firmly upon the Path of the God-Free! 

I believe, with great conviction, that God's Truth which abides in the Heart of your Presence shall receive a welcome place in your consciousness, assisting you to blend the lower concepts into the Divine as you let go of the habits of improper thinking and feeling which you have nourished through the ages! 

I raise my hand in Benediction, through the audible words: 

"I AM" Truth who loves you and who shall stand by your side until you accept my Reality and you are Free in the Light! 

Good Morning!






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