The Etheric Focus of Shamballa

Beloved Kuthumi

Ah, Children of the Almighty enter deep within the Flaming Presence of God within your hearts, and we shall travel in consciousness along the Rays of that Light into the heart of Shamballa in the Etheric Realm. 

Because of the sacred nature of Shamballa, "I AM" permitted to just give you fragmentary details of this privileged journey at this time. However, the heart desire of so many of the chelas asking for a greater tie-in with the Central Focus of the Spiritual Hierarchy has prompted the Lord of the World, Beloved Gautama, to assign me to this 'tour' as we shall call it. 

My Angels of Peace have placed a garment of Golden Light upon your etheric vehicles and in humility we shall approach the City of Light in the Etheric Realms over the designated location on Long Island. 

Let us now see the beautiful grassy sward of the meticulously kept lawn - its many elevations magnificent with their own individual landscaping. 

As we approach the Temple of the Lord of the World, we behold a gloriously cascading fountain, and notice the Lotus blossoms in pink, gold and blue floating upon the scintillating water. We proceed about three hundred feet to the steps of the Temple. "I AM" not permitted at this time to give you the architectural details of this magnificent structure, except to say it is both square and circular, and is composed of white marble of the finest quality. 

As we proceed up the steps, the beautiful Golden Doors are opened by two Members of the Brotherhood. A feeling of great ecstasy fills our beings for within the center of the entrance hall, we see an elevation of three steps which is the approach to the entresol, upon which is a glorious Golden Figure of the Buddha. Within the hands of this Representation is an exquisite Lotus, from the center of which blazes a Three-fold Flame. This, of course, symbolizes the Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus, to which Beloved Gautama so often referred in his final Ministry upon the Earth. 

Here we pause for a moment to give obeisance to the Supreme Source of Life - realizing that we are each a cell in the Heart of the Creator. 

This exquisitely beautiful Representation of the Buddha was presented to Beloved Gautama by the Beloved Lord Divino, now the Buddha, and the Brothers of the Golden Robe in recognition of the impression which Beloved Gautama made upon the peoples of the Earth in that embodiment and by reason of the fact that each Representation of the Buddha now upon Earth is a Focus of Gautama's Love and Light, regardless of the Beauty of detail or the crudeness which some of these representations may express. 

After Circling this Shrine, we turn our attention to the right of the entrance. There we see a handsomely appointed drawing room where visitors may relax while they are awaiting audience with his Holiness, the Lord of the World, or Beloved Divino (the present Buddha) who has a section of this Temple assigned to him while performing certain Services for the Lord of the World. To the left of the entrance is a similar section which Beloved Sanat Kumara uses when he is at Shamballa in performance of His Service as Regent. There is always some Member of Beloved Sanat Kumara's Court from the Planet Venus in residence here and this provides a tremendous focus for the Light from Venus to blend with that of the Earth sphere. 

Traveling to the distant end of the entrance hall, having reverently passed the Representation of Beloved Gautama, we notice the doors of the Inner Temple are of muted gold, upon which are embossed, in Sanskrit symbols of shining gold, the Tenets of the Middle Way. 

The doors are opened by a Golden-robed Attendant whose only adornment is the embroidered Three-fold Flame upon the breast. This is so exquisitely done with such detail that it fairly blazes forth from the garment. On some occasions these Attendants wear similar Robes of White or the colors of the Rays as the specific activity requires. These Ladies or Gentlemen, depending upon their assignment, bid each guest welcome as they usher them into the rooms surrounding the Ceremonial Room. If the guest be a Member of the Cosmic or Ascended Hierarchy, he or she proceeds immediately to the furthermost part of the Temple where the Lord of the World has his Private Inner Sanctum. These guests are always accompanied by an Angelic Attendant, for courtesy and respect of the highest order pervades this Temple. As these guests travel along the corridor, one hears the sound of the most exquisite music, and were the chela permitted to be here at such times, he or she would probably wonder where the glorious sounds were coming from. Actually it is the tone or tones which the Radiation of the Perfected One is emitting as he or she proceeds to the Presence of Beloved Gautama. Naturally these Cosmic Visitations do not take place at such times as the chelas are permitted entrance to the Spiritual Home of the Lord of the World. The chelas, except in a few remote instances, are not sufficiently attuned to be present when these Cosmic Guests come to the Sanctuary of Lord Gautama's Presence. 

As the doors to the outer section of the Flame Room are opened, an expanded feeling of humility and reverence enfolds us, for we are in that portion of the Temple which is reserved for the Lord of the World and his Personal Attendants. When the chelas come to Shamballa to present their Harvest for the Year they are taken into the Ceremonial Room and the section reserved for that purpose. The Ceremonial Room is so divided as to permit chelas to enter that section in which the Radiation is so tempered as to enable the chela to enter in safety, for the average chela could not stand the intensity of the Radiation - which you can readily understand. It is the Mercy of the Cosmic Law that chelas are permitted to have a brief preview of the Temple of the Lord of the World. This is done specifically, not to entertain the consciousness, but to allow the chelas to train the emotional and etheric vehicles for such visitations as are granted them. 

You have previously been apprised that no unascended being is permitted entrance to the Flame Room wherein is focused the Permanent Atom for the Earth within the Blazing Three-fold Flame. For this Visitation, we are assigned chairs in that section of the Ceremonial Room designed for that purpose, and we find that we tread very lightly for no footfall is ever heard in this room. This has been true since we entered the Temple, but I call it to your attention so that you will realize to a degree the privilege which is yours in consciously visiting here. The reverence for the Supreme Source of all Life increases and it is as though we were walking on air. 

It is well that you have these details so that when you make your evening visitations to Shamballa from November 15th through December 14th, you will be prepared for the honor which is yours, and you will see that your radiation is one of Sanctity, Reverence and Gratitude. 

On the evening of the Transmission of the Flame, November 16th, 1968, those lifestreams all over the Planet who do not know, in the outer consciousness, that they are under the tutelage of the Spiritual Hierarchy will come to a specially constructed amphitheatre over Shamballa in order to participate in and be spiritually nourished by the Radiation from this Holy Focus. You will be delighted to know that their numbers are rapidly increasing and this brings great encouragement to all the Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. There are thousands and thousands of such lifestreams now walking the Earth who will ere long become outwardly aware that they are serving the Light to make this Earth the Shining Star that she is destined to be. 

Now we shall reverently retrace our steps to the entrance of the Temple where the Brothers of the Golden Robe will remove the garments of Light which they have placed about your shoulders and you shall, in humble gratitude for the privilege which has been yours, return to your individual orbits in company with your Sponsors, assuring you safe convoy after this magnificent and soul-rewarding experience.

Your Teacher and Guide - Kuthumi





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