Rays of Spiritual Illumination


by the Ascended Master Serapis Bey

(concluded from October issue)

The Priesthood of Lemuria

The priest life on Lemuria was a magnificent activity. These individuals, many of you among them, had learned how to draw, through the powers of magnetization, every blessing from the Sun and from every God Virtue to form a radiant Sun through their Temples and send that out into the atmosphere qualified with whatever the priesthood itself had consecrated themselves to externalize. This priesthood, radiating and externalizing these pressures of Light, increased the Harmony, Beauty and Perfection of the Earth and made the atmosphere even more luminous, and the spiritual selves of men were more nourished by reason of these foci. They were what you would call masters of this 'darsham' which is merely, in Western parlance, the capacity of the soul to rise into contact with the Presence, draw the Light from the Causal Body consciously back through the emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies, and keep a positive radiation of some constructive quality, and thus mastery of all energy that is contacted by the individual. An individual who is master of this activity of 'darsham' is never subject to the vibratory actions of distress. 

The Veil of Maya 

These priests and priestesses belonging to the Order of Zadkiel, rendered this service and the earth was progressing very rapidly. The Root Races and the sub-Races completed their courses quickly in this outpouring of magnetized Light. When those souls who had within themselves the germ of disintegration and the capacity to create discord through thought and feeling took embodiment and reached enough maturity to control the consciousness, they began to let out those imperfect thoughts and feelings and they filled the invisible atmosphere. Some among mankind who had come into a false sense of security through the radiation of the priests and priestesses, began to absorb, through contagion, some of the thought forms and feelings, and playing in secret with them, they too began to create them. As a result of that, much distress was eventually externalized and the veil of maya began to cloud the Light until the Great Ones were no longer visible to the masses but only to the priesthood. 

Here you have the first great split in the priesthood, and it is the reason why I am bringing this to your attention. At the time when the priesthood began to realize that the masses were creating and sending forth those qualities of impurity and dissonance, there came a school of thought to the fore that had agreed, with reluctance, to allowing the laggards from the other systems into our planetary scheme and who now felt justified in objecting to the pollution of the race by allowing them to remain. 

Two factions of the Priesthood 

Being well schooled in the Powers of Invocation, these priests began to give the fiats and decrees that have come down to your present day as, separated from the school that believed in sublimation and transmutation, within the secret recesses of their own temples, they decided to BLAST all these people from the Earth. Now what purpose would there be in blasting these lifestreams off the Earth into the discarnate realm where they would have to stand before the Karmic Board and as quickly as possible, be placed back again upon the Earth? It was a rebellion against the decision of the Cosmic Law! Since the Law and the Powers of Light felt that the priesthood and the illumined ones COULD sublimate and, by radiation, redeem those recalcitrant members of the race, IF THE PRIESTHOOD HAD REMAINED AS ONE, the sinking of Lemuria would not have taken place. THINK ABOUT THIS! 

Beloved ones, it follows the same course - you take a wild animal - a hungry tiger - and block his retreat, and then you drive and drive and drive enemy at him, what results? You are going to have a killer! DRIVING AND BINDING DISCORD BACK INTO THE SOUL IS NEVER THE WAY TO GOD! It is not the way of sublimation! That soul is sick in the first place or otherwise it would not create the inharmony and discord, and that soul must be raised by constructive purifying activities in order to be redeemed. THIS IS THE LAW OF LIFE! 

With the breaking of the priesthood into the two factions, the masses followed one or the other and thus confusion ensued. The final release of the purifying powers of the water element then became necessary. Some of you who participated on the side that thought you knew more than God has balanced much of that karma. 

When you draw great power; when you come to handle masses of people who are hysterical, you will find in the etheric vehicles of some the consciousness that it is better to remove the physical body than to save a soul. 

After Lemuria - then Atlantis and again the priesthood - the same individuals - for the priesthood has, more or less, always been made up of the few. On Atlantis, there was again great Light, great Beauty, great Perfection, and hope for a permanent Golden Age through which every Root Race and sub-Race yet to come would quickly find their way back home. Here again the misuse of the Powers of Light and again cataclysmic action. I was there, and the Flame that I carried to Egypt and which burns there as the Power of the Ascension, brought Egypt to her greatest heights, and yet, within Egypt, no more corrupt priesthood has ever been. 

The True Priesthood wears Robes of Love 

Now, in the name of the great Lord Zadkiel, the Archangel; in the name of the Ascension Flame; in the name of Saint Germain, Lord and King of the New Eta of Freedom, I COMMAND, by the Powers of Light, that those who serve the Cause of Good; those who are the Guardian Spirits of Light; those who are progressing in learning again the Powers of Invocation, may be CHARGED and CHARGED and CHARGED with a Balance and Wisdom of Love that they sublimate and transmute all that they see. Never again shall the Legions of Zadkiel train a group of unascended beings and find them split by the results of misunderstanding and etheric records of the past. THIS SHALL NOT BE! 

UNITY, LOVE, WISDOM AND POWER going together with ONE PURPOSE - to ascend life, through sublimation and transmutation, into its own God intent. THIS IS THE TRUE PRIESTHOOD established under Alpha and Omega and followed by every Avatar, Saint and Power through every System of Worlds down to this very Earth. Let me remind you to remember my words!