Summer Conference Address

Beloved Goddess of Liberty

Shamballa: Long Island, NY, USA

July 12, 1968

Beloved Flaming Spirits of the One Supreme Source of Life, I welcome this occasion when it is my privilege to speak directly to you. I do not come often to release audible instruction, nevertheless "I AM” always present within your blessed hearts. Why, may I ask, do you keep the doors of your heart closed to my greater expression through your beings? 

Liberty, God's glorious Virtue, is a tremendous power and for the most part, that great Virtue has been so charged with negation through human interpretation of that Quality, that it is the negative aspect of license which is being expressed through the deluded consciousness of mankind. Liberty is a Gift of God; license is the free will human interpretation! 

Dear Father-Mother God, awaken, oh awaken the souls and consciousness of men to the true feeling that is within the Holy Virtue of Liberty which it is my privilege to embody! 

Beloved chelas, as you well know, I stand at the Gates of Freedom in the New York Harbor through the representation of my humble self, and this is a mighty Focus through which the Flame of Liberty does flow. Thinking upon the words relating to that monument - "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses..." that invitation has been accepted by millions throughout the years who have come to the Heart of the Planet searching for Freedom... and this is Good! 

I say to you today, beloved chelas, give me the poor in spirit, the clamoring masses of humanity all over the Earth. I stretch forth my hand, holding the Torch of Light which is radiating from my Being. I do not refer to a physical influx of individuals to these shores, but to the attention of mankind to the real meaning of God Liberty! On the return current, can I then infiltrate their consciousness with the glorious feeling embodied in that Virtue. "Oh, give me the poor in spirit"... for "I AM" ready,” I AM" willing and "I AM" obliged, through the office which I hold in the Spiritual Hierarchy as an Expression of that Flame of Divinity from the Heart of the One Supreme Source, to cradle all the lifestreams upon this Planet within my bosom and nurture their beings with the God substance which is necessary for their further evolution. My Heart so longs to embrace all life and this shall be for it is ordained by the Father-Mother God! 

In these chaotic days, there are few who are imbued with spiritual courage - who are themselves, manifest examples of the true way of living. We have told you that you are our Representatives on Earth. You have done well thus far in making Calls for the Freedom of the evolutions of this Earth, but you have fallen short of being true Examples of the Light of God that never fails. Be not dismayed at my words, however. They are given in True Love in order that you will straighten your spines and stand erect in the knowledge that you are the Christ Presence walking the Earth. It is to you, beloved ones that I come to stir you into further action that you may fulfill the Plan of which you so willingly avowed to be a part before taking this embodiment! I now say, and I could repeat it over and over - you must be Light Bearers in its true sense! 

Returning to the Representation of Liberty in the New York Harbor, that Gift which came from the Heart of France to the United States was and is a tremendous magnet to unite the peoples of Europe and the United States. It has been used to draw individuals from all over the Planet to these shores. With individuals of the various Nations residing here, it provides a facet through which can flow the One Consciousness to peoples all over the Globe. 

Now I would like to turn your attention to the Focus of Shamballa on Long Island. There has been much grumbling and speculation in the minds of the analytical students of Light as to the transferring of the Spiritual Currents governing the entire Planet to this location. The Spiritual Hierarchy knew the time had arrived to establish this Permanent Focus on this Sacred Isle, and contemplation by the sincere chela should make the reason self-evident. I dare say that I could count upon the fingers of one hand those chelas, even within this Assembly, who have any real comprehension of what this Holy Focus of Shamballa really means to the Earth and her evolutions. Oh, the audacity of the human consciousness that dares to speak with less than reverent tongue about this world encompassing Radiating Center of Light. Our gratitude flows in exceeding measure to all who have lovingly, oh so lovingly, given of the substance of their worldly goods to establish and sustain this Focus. Please always bear in mind that what you have done has not been for any group of human beings, but for the Glory of God, the Creator of us all, and in compliance with his Will! 

Say you - why does the Spiritual Hierarchy require a physical Focus? Ah, this has occurred to some, and should any of you entertain that thought, please remember that mankind en masse are tied to the Spiritual Essence and Currents which flow unceasingly from Shamballa - to the just and unjust alike. It is God's Mercy that at least some of the Children of Light accept and acknowledge the existence of this beneficence and through this acceptance, the expansion of the Light takes place within their own beings, and in God's Love, so does that energy flow to the tiniest elemental, all the blessed and beloved lifestreams who have dedicated themselves to infiltrate the consciousness of mankind, and to the greatest Spiritual Leader. Each is fed and nourished by the outpouring from Shamballa through the balanced Activity of Love, Wisdom and Power, which our great Lord of the World, Beloved Gautama, holds in his Consciousness and Heart - he being the obedient and selfless Servant of the Supreme One, and through his tremendous dedication to the evolutions of this Earth. 

Many of you have come long distances to this Sacred Isle, and I say to you from near and afar, it is the Light within your hearts which has brought you - you having responded to the pulsation from the Heart of Pure Divine Love. The consciousness of all life must be anchored into the Heart of Freedom (these United States) and where else should the Central Focus be - the pulse beat of the Earth? Please treat this Holy Focus of Shamballa with reverence and humility, with at least the same reverence you would were I to tell you the physical doors of the Rocky Mountain Retreat were open and you could step inside in your physical garment! How the chelas would rush there, without consideration of self, of time, or expense! Yet, they do not fully cognize the magnitude of the Blessing which is theirs when they are invited to come to Shamballa. I say with all the Power of my Being, that the erection of a physical Temple, no matter how humble, on these Sacred Grounds of Shamballa will provide a Beacon for the returning souls of men, returning to the Light to express the Glory of God's Kingdom on Earth! 

All the Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy know the "birth pangs" which are being experienced, but few there are among the chelas who are cognizant of the steadfastness required to accomplish this magnificent God Plan! 

As in the case of the Christian Dispensation, the currents were anchored into the substance of Earth with the Birth of Jesus, in humble surroundings, but they have flourished and endured through the centuries, and so shall it be with The Bridge to Freedom - humble and true expression of God's Will. Future generations shall know the Glory which is the manifestation of God's Kingdom on Earth during the Seventh Ray Dispensation of our Beloved Lord and King, Saint Germain. 

Speaking about Spiritual Leadership, I would request that you make a call that there shall be raised up among the Nations of this Earth those dedicated individuals who will assume, in dignity, the responsibility of guiding the youth of today into the true way of living. There are some who are endeavoring to do this, but many more are required. 

There is a spiritual awakening taking place within the youth of today, but I say with great emphasis, that the uprisings which take the form of upheavals are the result of the demons of the sinister force who are endeavoring to anchor their destructive substance into one or more members of the youth groups who have fallen prey to their vibrations. Naturally, these destructive demonstrations are not God-ordained but they do show that the youth are looking for a new form of life, wishing to throw off the consciousness of the old and take on a new mode of living. From among the masses upon this Planet there are countless constructive lifestreams who can assist the youth and lead them into God's Way of Living. Do not permit your consciousness to entertain the fact that all the youth are on the wrong track, for that is far, far from the Truth. These chaotic demonstrations are the way of the sinister force to cause disruption, and you know the old statement "a rolling stone gathers no moss" - the moss, in this instance, referring to stability. That is how momentums are built in a positive or negative manner. So you can understand our emphasis upon the fact that Youth Leaders are required to guide the Leaders of tomorrow into God's Way of living - today! 

A Spiritual Revolution, if I may use that term, is taking place specifically in the United States, and out of the unrest shall the Phoenix arise in freshness of Spirit from its own ashes! You know that this is a symbol of Immortality, so please expect and accept a change for the Good - God's way of living - to express first in the Cradle of Liberty, these United States. I shall nurture all within my Being and when their spiritual wings are strong enough shall you see the Light of God's Virtue of Liberty express here. 

I would like to tell you now the name of the Silent Watcher of the United States. That glorious Being is known as "Elysia". A moment's reflection will show you the connection with Elysian Fields, or a place of blissful abode -­Paradise! 

The time has arrived when the children of Earth will be able to differentiate between Liberty and license. Although license is rampant upon the Earth at this hour, I, the Goddess of Liberty, have come to inspire you, to fire all of you with enthusiasm and I say, open the doors of your heart and let the great Flame of Liberty flow forth to enrich all mankind. At this very instant, flowing forth from my Being is the Cosmic Current which shall turn the tide and Liberty shall come into prominence upon this Earth as I, the Goddess of Liberty, turn the imperfection contained within the negative aspect of license into the teeming Ocean of Violet Fire - all the Legions of the Violet Fire of Transmutation standing in readiness for this Fiat! And so It Shall Be! 

In true and humble Love for the privilege of having spoken to you at this eventful Class, I now impregnate your beings with the true feeling of the Virtue of Liberty! 

To the souls of all men upon this Planet I hear ye me - I, the Goddess of Liberty say - charge and charge and charge your beings with that God Virtue and send forth the Edict…  

LIBERTY shall triumph over human license! 

Good Morning!







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