Beloved Neptune

(The following is repeated, by request, from Series 5, Booklet 2, presently out of print.)

"If you so determine, beloved ones, you can let go of every discordant feeling and allow your emotional bodies to become saturated by the God-feelings from the Ascended Masters. You can subject those overshadowed electrons to a 'transfusion' of the Spiritual forces of Faith, Hope, Charity, Peace and Purity, and thus fill in with Light Substance the spaces vacated by the accumulations of discord (through using the Sacred Fire for this purpose.) This Light stance can then be qualified with buoyancy, love and other constructive qualities, keeping a strict watch over your thoughts and that you do not draw in again the human effluvia with which the outside world is flooded. 

The feeling bodies of mankind are active twenty-four hours of the day, while some are asleep, others are awake, and the human feelings literally catapulted into the atmosphere form blankets of misqualified energy which is looking for a home and for some life to sustain it. 

This discordant substance is a vampire activity, beloved ones, because it can live only on the thought and feeling vibrations of some lifestream who is willing to give it a home and entertain and sustain it through their own life energy. 

If the attention of even the student body could be permanently removed from the contemplation of discord and distress and their feelings anchored on Perfection, it would not be long before the Kingdom of God would be manifested upon the Earth. It would be a simple matter then to sustain the emotional bodies of one and all in the same magnificent harmony and perfection experienced by the Ascended Masters and the Angels every hour of the day. Furthermore, it would only be a question of a short time before the rest of humanity would want to emulate them through the desire in all men's hearts for happiness and peace. 

Your feeling bodies were provided for you for one purpose alone. That is to radiate, magnify and expand some particular Virtue of the Godhead and for no other reason. Your feeling world was given you to enable you to intensify your feeling of God himself in this physical appearance world where you now abide, as well as in the Inner Realms where you will abide when you lay this Earthly garment down. Therefore beloved friends, you have not the right to allow your feelings the license to add to the discordant effluvia of mankind, which effluvia becomes a probe and a temptation to weaker lifestreams who do not know what stirs there feelings when they are roused suddenly to violent emotions; to mob hysteria, to panic and depression or whatever discordant appearance this effluvia may assume on the Screen of Life. 

Let me say, that in the days ahead, the appearance on the Screen of Life will be such as will make it necessary that some members of the race be in control of their feeling worlds in order to hold the balance and form the conduits through which our energies may flow to protect that which is constructive and cooperate with the Universal Scheme." 




'Tis Spring again; and in the trees and flowers,

Life now returns from winterís silent sleep.

O'er hill and dale, God manifests his Powers;

And from above the sky, their watch the Angels keep.

'Tis Spring, again; and in the colors blending,

The tiny crocus and the daffodil

Raise their bright cups - the proof of life unending,

As each small bulb does now its Plan Divine fulfill. 

'Tis Spring again; the birds sing forth its praises;

And creatures small now scamper 'round in glee;

And in man's heart, as now his voice he raises,

In songs of ecstasy, he's longing to be free.

'Tis Spring again; and Resurrection's Glory,

In splendor brings the Gifts from God above;

And to all men we tell the age-old story -

From out the opened tomb, Christ stands revealed in Love. 

O Lovely Amaryllis, Goddess of the Spring,

As Earth now 'wakens from her winter sleep,

In gratitude, all forms of life thy praises sing;

Or earth and in the air, and in the waters deep.

We see thee manifesting thy eternal youth;

Since first Creation dawned, thy Beauty fair

Has ever shown to all who seek God's Love and Truth-

The proof of everlasting Life is everywhere. 

Melody: Londonderry Air