The Anniversary of the Ascension of our

Beloved Saint Germain

Of the many important festivities which take place in the month of May, one to which the chela should give particular attention is the Anniversary of the Ascension of our Beloved Lord and King, Saint Germain, on May first. 

At this time when this transcendent activity takes place, the chela has an extraordinary opportunity to tune in to the Blessings which are always released when one gives his love and attention to this Pure Being. 

Saint Germain experienced trials and tribulations of great magnitude, far greater than today's chelas are required to overcome. We should always remember that it was this gracious Being whose first thought, upon getting his release from the pull of Earth, was for those yet remaining on the Earth and for those to embody here in the future. 

Through his tremendous Love, the Dispensation was granted whereby the mankind of Earth could have made available to them the knowledge of the activities and use of the Divine Alchemy of the Violet Fire of Transmutation, enabling them to purify their lower vehicles in a few short embodiments which heretofore would have required centuries for the balancing of their debt to the Spiritual Law for transgressions of that Law in the preceding embodiments upon this Planet. 

In all of Heaven's realms, there is no being who has greater Love for this Planet to which he so lovingly refers as "this sweet Earth." 

You are aware of the fact that the Ascended Master Saint Germain is the Reigning Monarch for this two thousand year cycle when the Seventh Ray is pouring its Light upon the Earth. It is his responsibility to see that the Cosmic Destiny for this Planet is fulfilled. As privileged chelas serving with the Spiritual Hierarchy at this time, it would behoove all of us to think of the Beloved Master with deep love and gratitude, and through attention upon his service, to become more attuned to his Radiation. 

How many times have you said: 

I love You Saint Germain,

I love Your Violet Flame,

And I love your Sacred Name,

Beloved Saint Germain! 

Has that Affirmation been a feeling which emanated from the heart, or was it repetitious lip service? 

You will remember that Saint Germain has many times referred to the chelas as "friends", for this is a designation which he truly feels is one with the most heart feeling in the English language, when accepted in its true meaning. 

Let everyone determine within his being that he will live up to the Faith and Love placed in him by Saint Germain, and daily, without exception, use the Violet Fire of Transmutation to assist our Lord and King in the redemption of this Planet which he so loves… the Planet including you, me and all evolutions hereon.






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