Summer Conference

Beloved Maha Chohan

Harrisburg, PA

July 2, 1963

Oh, my blessed children, it is with great joy that I come into your personal presence this morning. We know each other well and spend much time, so far as Earth's reckoning is concerned, in combined Service. 

Each week as I send my pulsation and instruction through the offices of THE BULLETIN and you receive this Release which carries the special Radiation of the Holy Spirit, when you contemplate the Message contained therein, I AM given the added opportunity to release the Service of the Hour through your very attention upon my words! Then, oh beloved of my heart, the Service is greatly intensified as you endeavor to apply the Law which is brought to your attention. Many times you have thought the Lessons repetitious. Yes, this is true, but it takes a prodigy to play the scales on the piano perfectly after one rendition! So it is with the application of the instruction in THE BULLETIN! 

Looking upon the auras of my chelas who are privileged to receive THE BULLETIN and upon world conditions as well, I carefully select the instruction which will be most beneficial at a given period. Of course, children, Truth should be applied at all times, until one becomes that Truth in action! There is always - and will continue to be, until the Permanent Golden Age is manifest on this dear Earth, a requirement for instruction and application of the Spiritual Law. Know, then, that as I AM your very breath and as the breath of the Holy Spirit flows freely to you, and through you, it should be qualified by you as a Blessing to all life, carrying some specific quality which it is your privilege to choose through free will, as your Gift to Life. 

At my request and under my specific instruction the BRIDGE Journal will carry suggested exercises in the Law of the Rhythmic Breath. Until one breathes in a rhythmic manner and continues to in a steady beautifully fluidic way, the blessing which flows to life does not carry the fullness of Perfection intended. I shall look forward to your efforts along this line and know that I AM your breath that I AM with you always. As you practice the rhythmic breath, I shall stand by your side giving you the prompting required, and the encouragement, too, to persevere, for one does not change the habits of the centuries in one Lesson. All Perfection is rhythmic in its flow, and I assure you that you will find the result of employing the rhythmic breath well worth the effort which may be required. 

I should like to take a few moments of your time and attention to journey with you, in consciousness, to Long Island. 

Many, many centuries ago, as you have been told, Long Island was a tremendous Spiritual Focus, so highly charged with Divine Radiation that only those souls who were specially trained and developed in the application of the Law, and had raised the vibratory action of their vehicles to the point where they could tread in safety upon its sacred ground, were permitted admittance thereon. At that time, I established a Focus on this land, and it pulsates to this day in the Etheric Realm. The Perfection which this represents is held in the heart and consciousness of Beloved Clove, the Silent Watcher of Long Island. As we of the Spiritual Hierarchy deemed it advisable to intensify the Radiation here and to re-establish, physically, the purified condition of this land, I began, over fifteen years ago, to re-animate this Perfection and draw it into the physical substance. Once this Pulsation was firmly established, I chose to send some of my chelas to other locations where we of the Hierarchy, through physical vehicles conscious of what we were doing, could re-animate other Foci of Light! 

As the New Age is becoming more active, it was expedient and the Divine Edict that my specific little band of chelas, who had carried the Essence required for this re-establishment, return to this Sacred Island. Some of those who have performed selflessly the Service for which they had volunteered at Inner Levels along this line have returned HOME, thereto continue in their freer vehicles the weaving of the Tapestry of Life! Many yet remain and in some instances while their voluntary Service has been completed, they have again pledged to stay a while longer to speed up the process of Purification and Transmutation, and other chelas have consciously pledged the energies of their lifestreams to continue to serve with us - in this specific Project shall we call it! 

You realize, of course, that while many individuals say they will do such and so, it is necessary that we study carefully the tendencies of their life-streams and be reasonably sure they have the tenacity of purpose and the selflessness to carry on when an 'ill wind' has been permitted to veer them off course. Service with and to the Brotherhood is not a Pathway of Roses, but, blessed ones, it is a rewarding Pathway of Light, ever-present as one chooses to allow that Light to perform the Service and remove from the consciousness the idea that the human has ANYTHING to do with the fulfilling thereof. 

Be of happy heart, my children, for all of my dear BULLETIN readers are factors in the expansion of my Service on Long Island. Every time your consciousness drinks of the Essence of my Life, given specifically through these Releases, you are blending with my established Energies there and the quickening process of Purification and Transmutation brings GOD'S PERFECTION into manifestation. 

I AM very cognizant, too, of the financial assistance which flows from your generous hearts which enables me to continue this Service and to have a physical Focus on Long Island, a sanctified and dedicated Home from whence the Blessings of the Father do flow in ever-increasing intensity. 

Please to listen attentively as I have a Message of tremendous import to give to you, each dear reader of THE BRIDGE, HOPE and THE BULLETIN. 

I have shortly returned from the Heart of the Sun, where I have been in consultation with Beloved Helios and Vesta. While there we were honored with the Presence of our great Regent, Sanat Kumara, bless him forever! Your hearts will well with joy and gratitude as I reveal to you the outcome of this Council: 

Oh, my children, the chelas of THE BRIDGE TO FREEDOM have been selected to channel the vibratory action of the Planet Venus into the Earth Planet and her evolutions. Kneel within your hearts, oh children, for this sacred privilege and honor.

(Silence for a moment)

You were apprised a while back that Long Island is to become the future Shamballa and I, this day, confirm that statement! Thank the Father, my chelas, that by reason of your constancy, your faithfulness, and the purification of your vehicles, that wherever you abide upon this dear Earth, through your vehicles will flow the Light of the Brotherhood of Venus, under the specific direction of Holy Sanat Kumara and his beautiful Lady Venus. 

Prepare well your vehicles, for on Thursday next Beloved Sanat Kumara will come, accompanied by his son, Beloved Serapis Bey, the mighty Hierarch of Luxor and anchor a direct Ray from Venus into each of you! 

Oh, our Father-Mother God, keep each of these children worthy of this Sacred Trust!








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