The Maha Chohan's Retreat


On the Island of Ceylon, looking outward upon the seas of Southern India, stands a green, mound-shaped promontory. To all intents and purposes, it is a tea plantation of a wealthy Indian Potentate, but within the Hill itself is one of the Ancient Retreats of the Eastern World, under the direction of the Great Maha Chohan. Here, within the sound of the earthy endeavors of the plantation's growing and maturing teas, are entertained and instructed the Elect among the sons of men, who have entered upon the difficult path of self-abnegation, through the development of the qualities of humility, selflessness, grace and love. 

This Retreat not only forms the Headquarters for the General Councils of the Chohans of the Seven Rays, who work under the absolute authority and direction of the Maha Chohan, but it offers particular training for any of the pupils of the respective Chohans, who are recommended by them to prepare for some far distant acquisition of the Office and Title of Maha Chohan for future races yet unborn. Here too, are trained the inner bodies of those who are representative of the Holy Spirit among the many fields where his Fiery Presence is required, and of those men and women it is often said, they are endowed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but few know of their training and Sacrifices within the Heart of this Pure Retreat in India's Soil. 

As the mankind of Earth is drawn by the magnetic pull of this Holy Retreat, many will visit it at night in their inner bodies, and be bathed in the Gifts and Radiation which imbue the entire vicinity, and which give the entire island a natural claim to tranquility. 

The great Cosmic Law, looking at the pattern for each twelve month, chooses the particular Retreat which is to be the focus of the Power and Attention, both of the Brotherhood and mankind, in order to inculcate and develop latent qualities and capacities within the race which are particularly pregnant in that Retreat. As the human race is so obviously lacking in the selflessness and humility which are forerunners of Godliness, they have voted the Retreat of the Maha Chohan opened for the first time in the history of the Planet to the entire race, May 15, 1952. 

All the Great White Brotherhood focus their attention here, and this concentrated power magnetizes the souls of men who desire to live good lives and conducts them into the atmosphere of this Retreat during the period from October 15th through November 14th, 1963. If they are drawn unconsciously, they float in the atmosphere in a semi-dream state, absorbing the Radiation, but unaware of the Great Councils, Teachings and Instruction, that are presented nightly by the Brothers to those who consciously direct themselves toward the Retreat before entering sleep, or when therein an opportunity through the day. 

All who will still themselves, visualize the physical location of the Retreat and the Presence of the Maha Chohan, will find themselves drawing into their consciousness and inner nature much of the great outpouring that takes place at this Cosmic Hour, and in time - they will bring back strong and useful impressions of instructions given at the feet of the Great Ones which will assist all who desire to increase the gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit in their own worlds and affairs. 

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