By Serapis Bey

The healing of the New Day comes under an entirely different code than all preceding service along this line, because we enter a new cycle wherein permanent illumination will outpicture as Divine Perfection, the Activity of the Healing Flame will be directed toward the dissolving & the inner causes within the lifestream that result in certain deficits maladjustments in both mind and body. 

Science is beginning to realize that a great many of the physical and mental disorders are due to unseen emotional causes which rest within the consciousness, sometimes buried beyond the reach and memory of the individual's present personal identity. 

The increase of Illumination flowing through the Fifth Ray will open to the earnest and honest members of the Healing Professions a new understanding which will require the blending of Religion and Science which has been promised as one of the integral steps toward Freedom. 

To illustrate briefly:

Every organ and cell within the physical mechanism has a vibratory action of its own, separate and distinct from the vibratory action of its neighbor's mechanism. 

Within the inner bodies there are certain centers that vibrate in unison with these physical organisms and certain mental and emotional distortions within the inner bodies affect the physical mechanism in a discordant manner, so that the inner vehicles must be harmonized and purified in order to have a permanent relief and release from mal-adjustment of the outer self. When these imperfect inner causes are removed from the consciousness by the illumination of the outer mind and the co-operation of the personal self, you will find the effect in the physical organism dissolving and dropping away. 

This is why the healing of today is more protracted than in the early days, but it provides a vast field for experimentation by the lifestream interested in raising the cover on this tremendous science with the desire to join his force with the Cosmic Movement of the Age and to manifest by application the proof of the Law presented.








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