On Self Righteousness 

Disassociate thyself from the personal delusion. Let self-justification never reveal that thou doest love the self more than the harmony of the Universe. If thou art right, there is no need to acclaim it, if thou art wrong, pray for Forgiveness. Watching the self thou wilt find the rising tides of indignation among the more subtle shadows on the path of Right, called 'self-righteousness'.


On Preparation for Class 

If men made as little effort to secure his daily bread as he does to acquire spiritual knowledge, the highways of the world would be strewn with the corpses of those who died of starvation and privation The effort by which man secures the satisfaction of his body's wants is so commendable and the effort he uses to apply for spiritual salvation is so pitiful! 

No man can be denied grace before the Throne of God if he chooses to condense, direct and project his aspiration toward any Being in the Celestial Realms, but it is sad to say that the average spiritual prayer rises no higher than the topknot of hair that rises above the scalp of the applicant.


On the Teton Temples 

Due to the tremendous acceleration of Spiritual Light which is felt now through the hearts of men, the mighty Temples at the Teton are being increased in size. The entire center of their whole group is being prepared to become Host to the ever-increasing spiritually awakened souls who wish to dedicate and consecrate their energy to carrying the Light and the Gifts of God into the consciousness of the outer selves of the human race. 

It is a magnificent accomplishment on the part of the Brothers and Sisters of the Brotherhood in creating these exquisite Temples and Halls of Mercy, and I am sure you have felt within yourselves the pulsation of that mighty activity.


On Forbearance 

Forbearance is Mastery, the immature rush forward to expression, right or wrong. The mature 'forbear' and move in Wisdom's Robe. Forbear to speak the sharp reproach, to repeat the unkind gossip, forbear from hasty actions spurred by righteous indignations or selfish interests. Rein that human self which has the impudence to act before your God has spoken. Then in dignity, let the God that beats your heart make things right. This gift of the Holy Spirit makes the tolerant man, upon whom the foundation of World Brotherhood can be built in beauty and in the assurance that it will stand against the winds of adversity, the quick sands of condemnation, the cataclysms and storms of accusations, the false appearances that cause the man not anchored in that wisdom to act before communion with his God!


On Insidious Emotions 

Gossip is almost the most insidious emotion because through poison sent out, it starts whirls of emotion in the lifestreams of many and soon you have an inner conflagration. Criticisms, condemnation and judgment are also closely related. The silent criticism of seeing discrepancies and faults in others disturbs the feelings of one's own emotional body and sets up causes of discord which react in physical disturbances, but the spoken criticism sets other's emotional bodies into the same vibratory action and its unhappy effects, are without any limit. 

The really vicious emotions are evident and do not so much affect the aspiring student, such as jealousy, hate, anger and malice. Lust is considered sister to these vicious emotions, and until one has attained the glorious body of Eternal Light, lust is evident in an advanced student - mental rejection of this statement to the contrary.


On Unused Knowledge 

Beloved ones, mankind does not understand the opportunities of classwork. Mankind for centuries has come to schools for knowledge, in the world of secular activities as well as metaphysical and occult channels. However, KNOWLEDGE UNUSED IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN IGNORANCE because with knowledge comes Karma and obligation to weave out of the individual's energy a blessing to life commensurate with the knowledge given. Better had man not applied to the Fount of Knowledge than to satiate the mind, the etheric body and the brain with more and more Law; then continue in the way of the senses, weaving out of beautiful life more of the dissonance which forms the blanket of atmosphere in which he lives, moves and has his being.


On Class Preparation 

Preceding every class or meeting, the Beloved Cherubim or Angels of Form, create a great canopy of blazing light around the building or property where the service is to be held and the Ascended Master Presence carefully examines the lifestream of everyone who is to be a part of the service so that the exact release which would best benefit each one present might flow forth. (The Maha Chohan himself, twenty four hours before he releases the information within the Bulletin - studies carefully every life-stream who is to benefit by it). 

It is, therefore, the part of wisdom when we are building toward a spiritual climax, that great care and discrimination should be exercised in the invitation of lifestreams who are to partake of that Spiritual Banquet, because it makes it necessary for the presiding Master to change the entire current of his address if those whom he has invited are joined by others not yet prepared to digest it.




When the sharpened tool of criticism appears in your thoughts - dissolve it at once with the Light before it is brought into the world in words on the breath of Life.








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