By Beloved Saint Germain

In treating the eternal realm of human consciousness, one must spend time in silent contemplation until he re-orients his thinking and feeling processes and puts them in agreement with the realization of the ever-present abiding good. 

The cause of the imperfect experiences of life through the centuries is wrong belief. The consciousness, which is the instrument of creation, has detached itself from what has become known to you as 'the Ascended Master or Perfected Consciousness', therefore, as the craftsman sharpens his tools or the musician tunes his instrument, so must the aspirant upon the Pathway of Life prepare the tools of Thought and Feeling before entering into active creative service and the fulfillment of his Divine Plan. 

To sit quietly, undisturbed and offer one's consciousness to the glorious God Self or an Ascended Master is similar to the Elevation of the Host and draws through the darkened, benighted consciousness of the unascended being the illumination from above which floods into the individual's consciousness and puts him in a right perspective towards God, the Universe and the Powers of Creation within his personal power to manipulate and manifest. 

The invocation of the Ascended Master Consciousness is a repeated necessity because of the fluidic character of the unascended consciousness which has not yet found anchorage in the heart center of Light Eternal and which, by reason of its vacillating characteristics, is in a constant state of change. 

If a musician were to play upon an untuned instrument the resulting harmony would be distorted. The approach to spiritual mastery is far more exacting than any physical accomplishment and requires at least as much preparation in order to facilitate perfect expression. 

In contemplating the Ascended Masters' Consciousness, one becomes aware of the presence of ALL GOOD, in the ETERNAL NOW. He recognizes that supply precedes demand and is really the pressure behind the demand. The aspirant becomes aware that every external circumstance is but the out-picturing of an inner state of consciousness which, if out of order, must disappear. 

As the inner cause is removed by Light, he recognizes further that the tremendous spiritual vision flooding into his consciousness when he invokes the Ascended Masters' Consciousness can no more fail to express in his life than the water would fail to reflect the light of the Sun when it shines unobstructed by the clouds in the heavens. He knows that no external force can keep his good from him IF there is good within his consciousness and that no matter how he may try to draw good toward himself from the outer, unless there is an internal consciousness of good within, it cannot remain as part of his permanent experience. 

He knows that doubt, fear, uncertainty, anger, resentment, criticism, condemnation and judgment are seeds of decay within his consciousness that are in a constant process of dissolving the manifestation of good and that in order to remain identified with the Christ Consciousness and to have his appearance world completely free from imperfection, his consciousness must be unable to record, entertain, acknowledge or feel any of these disintegrating forces. Such an individual soon comes to a place of great Peace, for whatever the appearance world offers him, he knows that the remedy lies in the changing of his consciousness and that he has the limitless consciousness of the Universal Good to draw on which will bring every wrong effect into Divine Order, in harmony, as he abides within that risen consciousness of perfection. 


There is never a mix-up in the return of anyone's energy; each returning wave knows unerringly its own generator - the Cosmic Law is exact.

Beloved Saint Germain









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