As a special dispensation to the Bridge Students for this year, one of our Chelas has been permitted to share with them the private instruction received from the Master. 


Cause is set up the moment thought and feeling meet. Every member of the human race, consciously or unconsciously, is using thought and feeling all the time. These inner causes are catapulted into the world of effect as limitation, disease, worry, death and so on. The Cause at Inner Levels is a vibration pulsating at a certain rate, the length of the ray, the speed of the vibration, and the amount of energy within the initial Cause determines the effect. That is why all disease, mental and physical is the result of inner thought and feeling which creates a certain vibratory action that continues to act until all the energy that was put into the Cause through the first thought and feeling, and repetition of that thought and feeling have spent themselves or been transmuted by the purifying action of the Sacred Fire. 


Entering so deeply into the Peace and Silence of active contemplation, the Light from the Presence of God will RAISE your capacity to perceive your oneness with ALL that IS: will allow you to become aware of your unity with all Life and will help you in your own feelings to recognize your ability to draw and invoke as much of the God-Power as your original design demands of you. 


The treatment of the feeling body, in order to incorporate the accepted knowledge of the mind, requires quiet and uninterrupted contemplation upon the Truths presented, and will always draw the Presence of an Ascended Master when sincerely entered upon with the desire to make the knowledge and instruction an actual force by which the individual lifestream becomes a greater power to serve. 


A simple practice of invoking the actual feeling nature of the Ascended Master into the student's own feeling world would enable that student to become one in thought and feeling with the Master's Consciousness with regard to Life and all its appearances. 

Any problem or appearance can become a marvelous opportunity for this active meditation, because the student caught within the toils of such an appearance has the opportunity and privilege of becoming still and asking how the Master would feel and re-act according to such appearance, and in so doing be raised to the Master's Consciousness, which is a lesson of attitude, and secondarily, of treating the appearance from the Master's conscious victory, and certain accomplishment must ensue. 


Every thought, feeling and action which does not have Light within it, at its inception and conception is doomed by its own weight to remain under the ten thousand foot level above the earth, forming part of the psychic and astral pressure of human accumulation and will bear no part in the permanent record of the race or its history, passing into the sea of oblivion when the mistakes that ride parallel with the experience life are wiped out. These can be wiped out by the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame. 


Although we have brought forth the study of the breath from time to time, it has not taken sufficient hold to become the habit of the outer self. We hope this time that we can establish it permanently. Nothing will pay greater dividends in harmony, health, peace, illumination and supply than an application and manifestation of deep, steady, constant, rhythmic breathing.


It is to educate and free the higher senses in the feeling body that the Ascended Masters provide music, prayer, invocation and adoration to Deity. The vibratory action thus set up awakens the sleeping senses of the feeling body and if the individuals cultivate those places where the Masters have set up such vibrations, they will find themselves developing to a point where they are capable of responding intuitively to the radiation and invisible instruction that is always at hand when required. 


Only after a period of probation is the student assigned to a particular Master, who is the expression of all the potential qualities and nature of the student. As soon as a student becomes the accepted pupil of a Master, he has stepped into the second period of his evolution and his progress can proceed with greater speed in the unfolding of the particular God-qualities which the Master himself embodies and which are the potential characteristics of the Chela. The student can see then by studying the Light, Radiation, Consciousness and Characteristics of the Master who has him in charge, a clear picture of what his own developed individuality will one day be. 


When one decides within the heart and with the feelings to identify himself with God, he begins to enter into a period of unfoldment wherein the Holy Spirit is developed within himself. Where the Holy Spirit walketh, Light abides within the eye; where the Holy Spirit dwelleth, peace is present. There are varying degrees of the Representation and Presence of the holy Spirit, even far beyond my estate, and in the beginning of man's final emergence his Spirit will show but a breath now and again of the fragrance of the Holy Spirit, but in time, with patience and in love, more and more of that Spirit abideth, which is the Ultimate, and the Omega of existence.








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