Summer Conference Address

Beloved Saint Germain

Harrisburg, PA

July 5, 1963

Oh beloved children of the Father, the one Supreme Source in the Universe, in great love and humility I bow before the Immortal Flame of God within each of your hearts, and in the hearts of all mankind. It is my great joy and pleasure to have the opportunity of saying a few words to you today. At this particular time when patriotism wells in the hearts of men in these United States of America with the celebration of Independence Day on July 4th, and that great independence in the hearts of men everywhere. They know not as yet, at least the greater majority that they are seeking God Independence from all that is human and this internal stirring is rushing forth uncontrolled. 

That God Freedom which men all over this dear sweet Earth are seeking is so often misinterpreted and is mistaken for license. Freedom, if you care to refer to your dictionary, means 'the state or condition of being free - liberty, independence, and immunity; while license means 'authority or liberty GRANTED to do or omit an act, specifically permission, authorization.' There is a fine line of demarcation between the two. Blessed ones, you know there is a propensity in my lifestream to 'play on words' which I have carried with me into the God-Free Estate, and I find it most convenient in explaining the Spiritual Law to my friends and chelas. 

Today, July 5th, we of the Spiritual Hierarchy are blanketing the entire Planet with the Flame of God-Freedom and as your calls and songs have gone forth they have been intensified with our momentum of God Freedom and the Angels of Violet Fire are carrying this Virtue to all life thereon. The spiritually awakened, especially the chelas who are tuning into this great Class, will feel a definite stirring of that feeling within their dear hearts. 

The Beloved Elohim of Peace has asked if his Legions of Peace might accompany the Violet Flame Legions. I most enthusiastically assented, for as the Flame of Freedom is stirring in the hearts of all men, it must be God directed through peaceful use. In most instances the average man fighting for what he thinks is freedom is sending forth his energy in an uncontrolled manner. 

Many are the subjects which I would like to bring to your attention this morning, but the following one is very dear to my heart and of the utmost importance. I hopefully pray it will find favorable reception in your consciousness. The Message is 'The Opulent Heart of God!' 

Usually when opulence is mentioned, the average individual thinks of wealth in financial terms. Affluence is a profuse or abundant supply. How many, many, times - over and over - is the cry released from the hearts of the chelas, 'oh, if I only had such and such; if only I had the money.' If there was an outer world machine which could record that which goes into the ethers from the hearts of the chelas you would be amazed, yes amazed, that this strain is played into the Earth's atmosphere, to use your vernacular, 'like a broken record.' 

My good friends, I suggest you join with me in setting up an invisible line of force, which will, as surely as the rain nourishes the ground, enrich the consciousness of all with God's Opulence in the true sense of the word. First it is necessary for you to remove the cause of lack - and I, of course, am not only referring to financial limitation. Everything less than Perfection contains within itself a scarcity of some kind. Disease, dis-integration, dis-comfort and the multiple forms of imperfection are a lack of opulence - God's Opulence. Through the use of the merciful Violet Transmuting Flame, IN THE NAME OF GOD ALMIGHTY remove the causes of imperfection which you have set up in the past.

This activity of the Spiritual Law has come forth for the specific reason of assisting men to more quickly change the vibratory action of imperfection into God Perfection. If you truly believe in its efficacy, and in my Service to this Planet which I so dearly love, you will no longer use this phase of the Law in a haphazard manner. USE, USE, USE, THE BLESSED VIOLET FIRE - DIVINE ALCHEMY OF TRANSMUTATION without further ado! Sell yourself, if necessary, on the idea. You all know that a successful business man must be sold on his product or the service which he has to offer in order to produce the results desired. Sell YOURSELF on the use of the Violet Fire daily, and at any time when imperfection presents itself to your attention. Oh, yes, I AM aware of the fact that some seem weary of this application and feel that it has not manifested the results which they had pictured. Oh, blessed and dear children, if only you knew what you each have been spared in your forward progress on the Path through the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame. In the Name of the Father of us all, send your deep gratitude to that Blessed Flame, as it is grateful to serve YOU, for the service which has been rendered you and to all men. Much, much more havoc would be rampant on this Earth were it not for the use by my dear chelas of this merciful Activity of kindness of the Law. 

I suggest for your acceptance that the line of force which emanates from you constantly be qualified with God Perfection. This can be done, you know, if you will center yourself in the Heart of the Father, in that Anchorage of the Almighty in your physical heart. This Holy Christ Self awaits the opportunity to be the Directing Intelligence of your lifestream, and the reason for its function in this lower stratum. This Christ Self is the Key which you must eventually use to your God Freedom. You will find yourself qualifying your energy with Beauty, Youth, Financial Supply, Happiness, Peace, and all the buoyant and wonderful Virtues of the Godhead - if you, the little self, will just turn over the reins, so to speak, to the Christ within and kneel in humility at the Altar of the One God. I do most humbly invoke the Almighty, on your behalf and on behalf of all mankind, to give you the FEELING and that it become a permanent part of your being of that which I AM so earnestly endeavoring to convey to you, my children. 

Knowing the sweet hearts, and sincere, of my blessed Chelas, I look forward to a renewal of your vow to apply this Law. When you add to your present momentum, you will see that manifestation of God Perfection will more quickly outpicture - and it is important that you EXPECT the God Manifestation, therein lies the amount of Faith you put into its efficacy. 

Time and again we have referred to you as the wayshowers. What is a wayshower? All of you know the answer, but to impress it upon your consciousness, with the intensity and depth of my feeling, a way-shower is one who sets an example and shows the way to someone less familiar with the course or path which they desire to take. To be Our Wayshowers and Representatives in the world of form, it is expedient that you each be Examples of the Spiritual Law, acting as a magnetic current to draw others toward you for Spiritual Illumination! I AM indeed pleased be­yond your comprehension at the Spiritual expansion which is taking place in the consciousness of my beloved chelas in THE BRIDGE TO FREEDOM.






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