Beloved Lord Ling

'I AM' the God of Happiness come into the atmosphere of Earth from the Planet Venus where I have had the privilege of conferring with the Beloved Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus and the Brotherhood of that mighty Radiating center of Love and Happiness. 

Perhaps you know, some of you, that the Planet Venus is my natural habitat and it is always my extreme joy to return there and take a Spiritual 'vacation' basking in the effulgent Light and Love and Happiness which clothe one round in the vibratory action of this - the Sister Planet of the Earth. 

Would that I could really convey to your dear hearts, oh so sincere, the Happiness which is mine in knowing that the children of the BRIDGE Family who qualify will be the sustained radiating centers to anchor the vibratory action of Venus into the Earth. Be ever alert to this fact and I would like to prompt you that your Seraphim are required to report to the Brotherhood of Venus what use you are making of this Sacred Essence flowing through your vehicles into the Earth and her evolutions. These blessed Beings of Protection were not just assigned to you to be your companions, when you fulfill your sacred assignment, they, too, are expanding their Light in combined service. Those chelas who understand what they are doing and are grateful for this honor, and continue rhythmically, daily, to qualify the Light flowing through them to render this Blessing and necessary activity will be the recipients of further instruction in this avenue of Service. 

Oh, Children of the Almighty First Cause, realize that this is not for your own personal blessing alone, you have been chosen because the loving and Great One, the Maha Chohan, submitted your lifestreams for examination and acceptance, or otherwise, to the Venusian Brotherhood, hoping and praying that his trust in you, and your love of the Light would qualify you for the Service which must be rendered the Earth Planet, and quickly! 

As you are aware, rhythm is necessary in all service whose manifestation is to be of lasting nature. One says "today I will offer my vehicles in humility to the Father of All Light - the Universal I AM Presence and be a pure radiating center for the release of the Light of Venus into the Planet Earth". Splendid! Commendable! But how about the next day - will you continue to pledge yourself? That next day becomes the NOW and a chela cannot even entertain the thought that he just doesn't feel like it and permits the rumblings and grumblings of the lower vehicles to deter him from this Service. You naturally understand that this is not mandatory, that is not the way of the Spiritual Hierarchy - you all have free will, and serving with us is your prerogative. 

Along with Gratitude, one of the first requisites in this specific Service is HAPPINESS, and that is why I have been permitted and am delegated to come to you at this time. Because of my momentum of Happiness I have come to charge and charge and CHARGE your lower vehicles with the COSMIC FLAME OF HAPPINESS! Think for a moment how you feel when you are happy, you experience a buoyancy which is the result of the quality of Happiness. Just be so happy and grateful now that you know of your God Presence and have at long last decided that the 'pursuit of happiness' is not of the world, but a Spiritual Activity, and that those who have preceded you on this Path are happy and grateful to come to you and advise you how you may attain that state of ecstasy. 

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER-MOTHER GOD, I blaze and blaze and BLAZE the Cosmic Flame of Happiness through each of your lower vehicles - feel it flowing THROUGH YOUR EMOTIONAL VEHICLE; THROUGH YOUR MENTAL VEHICLE; THROUGH YOUR ETHERIC VEHICLE; THROUGH YOUR PHYSICAL VEHICLE - and I DECREE that this Quality of Happiness from this moment henceforth shall become a permanent part of your vehicles. Oh accept this Gift with all the love and gratitude of your beings. You will find this the most wonderful therapy in raising the vibratory action of your vehicles, the result of which will make you young in heart, in physical appearance, and in the outpicturing of the Spirit of Venus. 

You will remember that Beloved Sanat Kumara is often referred to as the Ancient of Days with the appearance of a youth of about seventeen summers. Since the same vibratory action which flows through that Holy One is now flowing through you, is it not only common sense to realize that if one continues to dip a brush into the paint on a palette and applies this to canvas, the result will be the outpicturing of the chosen color or colors. The same activity takes place in the employment of a specific service, offered to you with all the Love of the Spiritual Hierarchy. 

Before closing, I would like to remind you, each one, that your debt to the Patient and Loving Sanat Kumara is great for what he has already done, and continues to do, for this Earth Planet, and REMEMBER ALWAYS that the Breath of the Holy Spirit flows through you ceaselessly and that he gives you a dividend through THE BULLETIN. 

Blessed of the Light, ponder and apply the instruction which it has been my Joy and Happiness to bring to you.