On Heritage

Every intelligence who applies to the Universal First Cause for the use of Life and who is granted a flow of that Stream of Life Energy begins to create a personal heritage the moment the first electron is placed within the keeping of the free will of the individual. All through the ages that Spiritual Heritage, which becomes Wisdom, Understanding, Faith, Beauty and other Divine Qualities, is built, and for many at the same time is built the personal heritage of karma which must be expiated as they proceed on their journey through life until their debt is paid. This expiation is possible of achievement quickly through knowledge of the use of the Sacred Fire in its purifying activity as well as by merit gained through service to the Cause of Good.


On Methods of Instruction 

Different Masters use different methods of instruction, each pouring the radiation of his own consciousness to the chela through his connection with that chela. It is never required that any chela continue under the strenuous pressure of those of us who represent the Will of God and who cannot soften that Will to suit any personal opinions. To these, I recommend application for the gentler directions of my brother Saint Germain, the Beloved Kuthumi or the Blessed Venetian. For myself, I shall always be direct, forthright and perhaps uncomfortable, but honest and loving withal.


On the Investment of Love 

Think you that the Archangel Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Host, would remain in the astral and psychic realm twenty hours out of every twenty-four, cutting from the auras of disembodied mankind the constant creation of discordant thought, feeling and action, were not the souls of men so precious that even Freedom in the Heart of the Sun could not dissuade him from such constancy! Ah, beloved ones, the investment of love in your blessed selves!


On "I, of myself, can do nothing" 

There is only One Power by which man may develop and mature his Divine Pattern, and that Power is of God. Even the great brother, whose name and service we honor at this Holy Season, the Beloved Jesus, has said "I, of myself, can do nothing. It is the Father within who doeth the works." The Guardian Spirits, the Angelic Host, the Cosmic Beings, and the Spiritual Hierarchy BUT PREPARE THE SOUL TO RECEIVE THE IMPETUS FROM GOD WHO MADE IT. As the farmer does not claim to have created the harvest, neither does the Hierarchy claim to have created the God-Free Beings, but rather to have worked in the Father's Vineyard, tending the souls within whose very selves lies the pattern of Divinity. We can and do create the Aura where sanctity is developed. We can and do stimulate the soul to magnetize the God Currents. We can and do form a pattern of what each intelligence may, in himself, express. That is as far as the Ascended Master service goes. It is the 'inward search' of the self that yields the harvest of manifest works.


On Service is an Opportunity 

Let us IMMEDIATELY and FOREVER remove from the consciousness the feeling and the attitude that service is such a magnificent gift of your life to the Universe. It is rather an OPPORTUNITY given you individually so that you may be set free. You have been especially chosen. You have been given a Sponsor who throughout this Earth life has stimulated within your outer consciousness and feelings the desire to know Truth. This Sponsor has loosened your consciousness from the mass mind, from the orthodox channels, has encouraged you to seek the Spiritual Law in occult knowledge and to get even a smattering of understanding of the work of the Spiritual Hierarchy.


On Control of Lower Bodies 

Human beings have lost control of the rhythms of their lower bodies and, rather than the atoms spinning in a harmonious vibration directed by the 'I AM' Presence within the heart, they spin erratically, spurred on to greater speed or slowed down by any 'tramp' discordant thought, feeling, memory or physical action that engages their attention or takes their fancy from moment to moment. Thus, in the uncontrolled spasms of the lower bodies, the soul cannot and does not receive the peace and benediction of the 'I AM' Presence nor the Divine Beings to whom it has applied for assistance. The natural, rhythmic motion of the atoms in the lower bodies is an invitation to the spiritual currents invoked. The lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) then can absorb the assistance which they require and the individual, disciplining the instruments through which he works, comes forth from his spiritual exercise renewed in mind, feelings, soul and body.


On the Sin against the Holy Ghost 

The sin against the Holy Ghost, or the Holy Spirit, which is referred to as 'mortal' is in utilizing the feeling nature to motivate imperfect or discordant creations, and hinder the natural activity of the Holy Spirit to continue to unfold Perfection. An examination of your own self will reveal that no activity takes place in one's life until the feeling nature is coupled with the thought. The quality of the feeling nature determines the manifestation. For instance, it has been said that all service should be a service of love, and not duty. Why? Because the Holy Spirit, himself, is the embodiment of Love and the Divine Plan of the Universe is to manifest all Divine Thought through Love, and therefore one's daily responsibilities and service cannot be performed without the use of the Essence of the Holy Spirit... But by driving the pressure of discordant feeling into that Essence, we break the wings of the Pure White Dove and force the manifestation in an unnatural and unpleasant manner.


On Gratitude 

Gratitude for the small blessings of daily life builds a momentum which gives the soul a wider perspective with regard to the innumerable gifts which are constantly poured out for his personal benefit. Life should be a constant 'Prayer of Thanksgiving'. Not only on one day of the year should mankind give a cursory glance at the benefactions around him, but daily his heart should well with sincere gratitude just for being! All of us who have arisen to the Ascended Master Octave live in a consciousness of constant thanksgiving to God, our fellow-servers in the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Angelic Messengers, the Angel Devas and the sincere, sweet members of the human race who have reached up their hands to join with us in our endeavors to create an aura of light for this Earth, transforming it from a shadow Planet into Freedom's Star!







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