This vesture in which you find yourselves is a Cosmic Investment made in conjunction with the Investment of Saint Germain and his Cause. 

The Cause of Freedom was born in God's Heart ere the first Flame was created, for God desired ALL his Creation FREE. 

Many Causes were thus set up 'before the world was' and are not created necessarily by those who chose to invest their own lifestreams in carrying that Cause and its ultimate beneficial effect to the race as a whole. Other Intelligent Beings, pondering on ways to serve God's Plan, evolve out of their own consciousness a Cause and sooner or later bring that Cause into incarnation and successfully or otherwise serve it, interest others in it and leave its effect as a heritage to the people. 

When a Cosmic Desire of God's Heart pulsates in the Higher Heavens, waiting to be claimed, ensouled and lowered by one of his children, it is so finely attuned and vibrates so quickly that it is neither visible nor palpable, even to tremendously evolved Beings, except where their own interests and leanings have created in them a sympathetic vibration. Thus, a Being would have had to love Freedom, serve Freedom and desire Freedom for centuries, before a Cosmic Pulsation would be even discernible in the Blazing Cosmic Light that is the Desire World or the Godhead. 

Such a Being is Saint Germain. He finally achieved a personal evolution sufficient to perceive God's Desire to bring Freedom to the Planet. (The ability to perceive the presence of any blessing is one of God's most Blessed Gifts and is only developed by the humble, listening heart.) 

When Saint Germain (among all the Hearts in Heaven) pierced through God's Aura and entered the Most Sacred Place of the Most High, he saw 'unclaimed as yet' the Cause God had set up 'before the world was' and which one day must, by the nature of its Being, have an effect which would be manifest as Unconditional Freedom for every part and particle of his Creation - Love which had answered before the Call - God providing before the need. 

Saint Germain's Heart thrilled at sharing the Father's Sacred Desire. He loved that 'Cause' - and prayed and prepared that some day he might be worthy to ensoul that Cause with his own Flame and carry it down to the World of Men that its effect might externalize on the screen of maya. 

The Great Central Sun itself would call the Being prepared to carry his particular Cause to fulfillment, either when the cosmic hour for its birth had come, OR if some child of Heaven had anticipated that hour and become the Fit Vessel for its incarnation before the hour. 

When any Being becomes ready to be invested with a Cosmic Cause, the Law of Magnetic Attraction begins to pull on the Heart of God and the Cause that has lain therein, starts on its downward course to join itself with the call from below. Thus, does the Godhead become aware of the readiness of the race for greater blessings? 

From the foregoing, beloved ones, you surely must realize how tremendous OUR INVESTMENT is in you. 

For our Beloved Saint Germain to bring the Cosmic Design of Freedom into manifestation on the Planet Earth it is self evident that the vibratory action of the Earth must quickly be raised from the low rate at which it is now pulsating. You, children, are so greatly privileged to have a conscious part in this redemptive process. According to your heart desire and the following through, in daily service of channeling the Light of the Planet Venus into the Earth, shall you prove to your friend and mine, our Beloved Saint Germain that you are Sons and Daughters of Freedom in Truth and not just so-called 'inactive friends' who get a certain personal benefit to the outer self in the affirming of the above, with the lips, and not from the heart! 

I bring this to your attention, for in my heart I KNOW you believe this opportunity which is presented to you is so precious that you, in your constancy and faithfulness, will be daily alert to serving in this capacity with US as true Sons and Daughters of the Cause of Freedom!






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