Our beloved Confucius informs us that the Rocky Mountain Retreat has been open throughout the entire Year of 1963, and will continue to be open through the ensuing year of 1964. The Temple of Precipitation will serve in conjunction with the Retreats of the month. 

An experiment was tried during 1963 to see whether the 'Magnet' of its Radiation would draw the chelas to the Retreat in their inner bodies. The response has been most gratifying and many have known this in their outer consciousness. 

BE EVER ALERT… Many wonderful programs are being put into action by the Spiritual Hierarchy for the FORWARD PROGRESS OF ALL UPON THIS PLANET!



Autumn Class

Beloved Lady Rowena

September 28, 1963

"May I present myself - I AM Lady Rowena, a Member of the Brotherhood of Venus. I have volunteered to assist the chelas who are consciously engaged in channeling the currents from your Sister Planet Venus into the Earth. 

I feel you will be compatible to my Radiation; I AM POSITIVE, dynamic and filled with the Love which is such a great factor of First Ray Individuals! Serving on the Ray of the Will of God, I AM so desirous of assisting you, each one, to do that which is the Will of God for you! 

Many times since the Summer Conference at Harrisburg, when it has been my pleasure to stand by your sides, you have felt my Presence. Many of you, especially those from the Planet Venus here embodied, recognized my Vibration, even though you did not in this present sojourn know my name up to now! Identification is unimportant, but Radiation is! We are all of the one great Vibration - which is Love, and must blend into the ONE! The unascended through the transmutation of all less than Christ Perfection and the submission of the lower self to that Christ within. 

When you desire my assistance in this raising, redemptive process, call to me and I shall intensify my Radiation through you, as you channel the Light of Venus into the Earth. I, of course, shall be at your side - for I AM a 'stickler' to use your worded expression in getting things done - ON TIME - ALL OF THE TIME! 

Our Holy Sanat Kumara and the Glorious Lady Venus are most happy to witness the number of chelas who are availing themselves of this unprecedented opportunity. When the Address of the Beloved Maha Chohan given at Harrisburg this year appears in the October BRIDGE JOURNAL, we anticipate the majority of the BRIDGE students will apply in their inner bodies to the Beloved Maha Chohan and pledge their life energy to the raising of the vibratory action of the Earth to that of the Planet Venus. 

The chelas will find themselves letting go many outer activities which, up to now, have engaged their attention and energy, and a closer attunement taking place with the Christ within. Activities which many have turned to as a diversion will not be necessary, and instead of directing their thoughts WITHOUT, most of the time without purpose, they will find that the joy of turning WITHIN and applying the Law will surpass any outer so-called pleasure - be it of thought or physical activity. This will hasten the BECOMING THE CHRIST, while still in physical embodiment. This is what is so greatly required in this world of form, men, women and children who are the outpicturing of the CHRIST Way of Living - then truly are you Way-showers, and the pressure of your Light will be felt by those with whom you come in contact. 

It is wise to guard oneself in this 'becoming' from the ungoverned use of speech - conserving one's energy to the Service of the hour. In this way you do not dissipate the momentum which is being built and does not make of you a target for criticism and negation. As more and more momentum is built and the bodies are strong radiating centers of the Light from Venus, the chelas will find that many with whom they have come in contact in their daily living are ready for Truth, and then the worded expression will not result in depletion. The silent projecting of the vibratory action of Venus will find fertile ground for its expansion on the Earth plane. 

I AM presently residing in the Retreat of VICTORIOUS ACCOMPLISHMENT OVER GREAT BRITAIN. My compatriots are directing their Rays of Light and Love into the British Isles specifically. I have the privilege at this hour of sending my Radiation into what is oft referred to as 'The Emerald Isle’. This glorious Temple, of which the Mighty Victory is the Director, is shaped like a three-leaf clover - representing the Three-fold Activity of the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame of God - Perfect Balance in all Life. 

As you can see, this activity is closely allied with that of Beloved Sanat Kumara and the Brotherhood of Venus. The momentum here gathered forms a tremendous Radiating Center for the channeling of the Light of Venus into the Earth. Oh, this is not a new service which has just come forth - this Focus has been rendering this service for eons BUT the importance of directing your attention to it is because, up to this present hour, We have not had the conscious co­operation of embodied chelas to assist us in anchoring this radiation into the physical substance of the Earth plane. Oh, how very privileged you are. Do you, can you realize it! 

A thought in our direction will greatly intensify your ability to render the service for which you have volunteered, and we all anticipate the pleasure of communing with you when you are out of the body during sleep, and you will find a visit to our Retreat a very rewarding one from an inner standpoint. We shall anticipate the pleasure of your company. 

As we celebrate the Anniversary of Lord Michael tomorrow, September 29th, I would most humbly invite you to pour your great love and gratitude to this mighty Being of Love and Light. What the great Archangel Michael has done - and is continuing to do for the evolutions of this earth is without precedent. He is unswerving in his Service! 

The best way in which you can show your gratitude and love for this Glorious Being of Light, Lord Michael, King of the Archangels, is to devote the balance of this day in calling to him, and his Ascended Legions of Light, giving him your energy which he can use in his specific Service of cutting life FREE.... Serving with him in an activity of love and compassion, and freeing the evolutions enmeshed in human creation is the avowed Service of this selfless Being. 

Energy is necessary as a balance for all Spiritual Service and you will feel lighter of heart and more buoyant in your feelings, if you will devote this day cutting the evolutions of the Earth free from imperfection, through the power and love of God, the I AM Presence, and his mighty Representative Lord Michael! 

I humbly bow to the Light of this Glorious Being, and to yours!"







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