from Our Beloved Maha Chohan

My dearly beloved Children: 

For your constancy in service and the increased dedication of your lifestreams to freeing this Planet Earth and her evolutions from all less than Christ Perfection, and the offering of yourselves as Grails through which the Light and Love of the Planet Venus and her Brotherhood may flow, I AM SO GRATEFUL! 

Accept my Gift to you each earnest, consciously dedicated child of Light that thy Breath shall go forth to create the Father's Perfection for you and for each of man who knows not that he lives by my Love and Grace of Life. 

You each are ever held within my fond embrace and Breath of Life. As you accept this Truth, for you shall it be a Reality. 

The Perfection of my Holy Spirit shall manifest for you at your sustained acceptance of the Holy Flame of Life in all you think, do, feel and say. 

The combined Peace of the Holy Spirit within the Heart of each of the Host of Heaven be yours each one, today and forever. 

'I AM'

Your Breath of Life








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