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Thoughtform for 2008

From deep within the heart of the Universe where the earliest Point of Light initially emerged, a new and wondrous energy now appears, easily and effortlessly expanding throughout all worlds.

Within each and every harmonious and loving inbreath of humanity, this pristine vibration draws ever closer to the planet Earth. Upon its monumental and extraordinary arrival we exhale in unison and every part of life is enfolded in the all-encompassing waves of divine order, forgiveness, freedom and peace.

 Theme for 2008

Consciously and constantly connected to the Heart of God we remain firmly anchored within the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, fully enfolded in the feminine aspect of the Divine.


Completely enveloped in this loving essence, we are continuously encouraged to further expand our consciousness into newer and higher levels as our spiritual journey continues ever-onward.


We are grateful. We are grateful. We are so very grateful!

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM.


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