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Thoughtform for 2003

Consciously choosing to be one with the Divine, we are a magnificent free flowing sea of Light, blending easily and effortlessly with the entire free flowing sea of Light of One Universal Consciousness.


Clothed in the ever-evolving substance of the inner realms, we endeavor to remember the timeless concepts of divine love, humility and service. Sealed within this Universal Light and Magnificence of victorious accomplishment, no longer are we human beings struggling to be divine; we are spiritual beings drawing ever closer to the ultimate at-one-ment with Divine Mind.


Resting in patience, we sense the time is near when our actual physical structure will completely meld with the pressure of the Universal Light Substance. Continuing to walk the path of the middle way, we now stand upon the shining threshold of the incoming Fourth Dimension ready to step through the Golden Door of Divine Illumination. Until that moment in our lives we are most grateful for the guidance, protection and enlightenment of the truth that will set us free eternally!


Theme for 2003


Fully united with the great Universal Consciousness, I AM that I AM; I vow to become the embodiment of the Sun, beyond the Sun, beyond the Sun in the physical realm of Earth. Flowing forever through me into the lives, into the minds, into the spirit, and into the souls of all humanity is a magnificent crystalline river of Light. Firmly anchored and enfolded in this glorious radiance I know:


*I AM an ever-expanding outpost of the Divine! (3x)


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Thoughtform 2004