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Thoughtform for the Year 2002

Remaining in timeless motion, the divinely balanced pulsations from the very essence of the Sun, beyond the Sun, beyond the Sun, the Heart and Mind of the One Universal Consciousness fills the eternal Divine Plan with its rhythmic vibratory action.


Simultaneously, our bodies breathe in and out in steady, rhythmic pulsations as the Supreme Oneness sends forth its life sustaining rays to every aspect of the cosmos, to every atom, molecule and electron within our universe.


Together, as we consciously experience and absorb the majestic vibration and luminous radiation emanating from this Supreme Source, our consciousness expands, expands and forever expands in complete harmony and synchronization with Divine Will.


Advancing ever forward on our sacred journey, we now fully appreciate and consciously embody the Divine Spirit, drawing ever nearer to the threshold of the Fourth Dimensional Activity where mighty unseen and unknown celestial energies constantly vibrate-in perfect manifestation with the Supreme Source of All Life, I AM!  



Theme for the Year 2002 


I AM in complete harmony and synchronization with the Divine Design and choose to remain within the Great Silence of the One Universal Consciousness in dedicated co-creation. Centered within the Unity, Peace and Perfection of the Supreme Source within and between all matter and substance, I AM a translucent chalice and channel through which Divine Love and Blessings flow to all life.


With every breath and heartbeat:


* I AM perfectly prepared to faithfully fulfill with creative quietude the manifest truth and absolute reality of I AM that I AM! (*3x)


So be it, beloved I AM!



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