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Thoughtform for 2001

Constantly invoking the sacred Violet Fire and consciously calling forth the perfect balance of divine love, wisdom and powerthe I AM Presence of God in Action, the scales of justice have now been balanced and Earth's divine plan quietly and gently unfolds.

Within the power of all who are willing to do God's Will, the path of the middle way quickly opens up before us, strengthening the bridge between Heaven and Earth as beloved Saint Germain's New Age of Spiritual Freedom becomes reality.

With every breath and heartbeat, all our energies every thought, feeling, word and deed, flows forth and assists in manifesting this beautiful and glorious God Design.

Theme for 2001

I AM the luminous Presence of God! I AM the creative fire pulsating in every human heart! As I AM part of the united chalice and channel through which God's Love and Blessings flow to all life:

* I have perfect faith in God's Will to direct me in everything I do! For this reason, I shall remain silent to perceive God's Will and shall not act until my direction is clear! (*3X)

So be it, beloved I AM! 

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Thoughtform 2002