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Thoughtform for  1999

Centered within the Heart of the Sacred Fire I now know and accept, that by the Grace of God, I descended to this Earth. In a State of Grace I shall remain. Through the gift of Grace, I will ascend back into the Heart of our Father-Mother God one day.

Until that moment in my life my watchwords will be gentleness, humility and loving service. Constantly invoking this sacred essence, I shall endeavor always to use the gifts and blessings of the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love, given so freely into my keeping, to raise all life  into the mighty perfection which Thou art.

Theme of 1999

As the Presence of God I AM and I are now one, the Cosmic Christ continues to expand within me. From this day forth I shall think, feel and remember only Divine Love, for:

*Through the harmony of my True Being, I create and externalize every minute, an aura of perfect peace which shall serve as the natural conductor of God's Will to all life I contact, every day, in every way, wherever I AM! (*3X)

So be it, beloved I AM.

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Thoughtform 2000